Why New Yorkers love West Village

When it comes to New York City it is no surprise that there are plenty of inviting neighborhoods to choose from. Certainly, it is safe to say that this world-renowned city has something to offer to everybody. However, there are a few neighborhoods that are considered gems of NYC. Of course, when talking about the most beloved spots in the Big Apple we cannot neglect to mention the West Village. So, let’s see what makes New Yorkers love West Village so much.

The main reasons why New Yorkers love West Village

Even though West Village is not one of the most affordable neighborhoods in NY, it is still considered to be one of the most desirable spots to live in. Here is why living in this spectacular place is worth every penny it costs.

A girl in a bronze dress and a colorful coat standing in front of a brownstone.
Beautiful brownstones in the West Village are one of the most liked housing options in NYC.

Easy to get around

Public transportation in NYC is excellent. Thus, even though you might be living in lower Manhattan it is super easy to reach the Upper East or West Side, Brooklyn, or any other part of all New York boroughs. Plus, it is easily accessible, so you can simply get here from anywhere in New York.

It is extremely diverse

You never know who you will run into on the streets of West Village. Your next-door neighbor can be a low-key family or it can be a celeb such as Jessica Parker. Let’s be honest, who is more New York than her? Also, there are many representatives of the LGBT community, artists, professionals, and many more calling this NYC spot home. It is a very diverse place which makes it extra fun and easy for forming new bonds. Therefore it is only natural that countless newcomers are moving here for work, fun, safety, etc.

Plates with food and a hand holding a sandwich
Between all the beautiful houses and buildings you will find plenty of cafes and restaurants that you can often frequent.

Local moving companies in NYC and the Village

Another great part about moving to the West Village is that you don’t have to do it on your own. All you need to do is reach out to professionals and watch them work their magic. Your entire relocation can be covered by a moving company from A to Z. In other words, you can move into your new West Village place without lifting a finger. How convenient is that? In the meantime you can make a list of all cafes and restaurants you would like to get acquainted with within your new neighborhood.

Head on over to the West Village!

By now it is more than obvious why New Yorkers love West Village. What it there not to love? Great dining, beautiful brownstones and other architecture, culturally rich people, and proximity to everything and anything New York. Now that sounds like a dream come true and it is only available in the West Village.

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