Why is Hampton, NH one of the finest locations for senior citizens

So, the time of your retirement has finally come. And now all you need to do is to determine where to move to spend the best years of your life. Well, little to say that we got a great place for you. The whole of New Hampshire has always been very attractive to seniors, especially to the ones that are looking to buy a home in the town they move to. However, we’re here to determine why is Hampton, NH one of the finest locations for senior citizens.

We’ll try to explain to you why this place is so special and to generally educate you about it along the way. So, sit back and enjoy what we have in store for you.

It’s beautiful

The beauty of the whole state and especially of the town of Hampton is one of the main reasons why retirees love this place so much. This may not be the most important reason, but it certainly isn’t negligible.

We can all agree that life is more beautiful when there’s a sight to see. And with Hampton, you can have it all. Urban areas, mountains, and the sea. Everything is in close proximity and there’s always an excuse for your family to come and visit you. So, you can start looking at tips for packing clothes and shoes because you’ve found the nicest place possible.

Seagulls on the sea shore.
The sheer beauty of this place is one of the main reasons why is Hampton, NH one of the finest locations for senior citizens.

You will be safe from natural disasters

One more reason why many seniors love moving here is more of a ‘serious’ kind. We wouldn’t even know about this, but our professionals from Preferred Movers told us what many retirees that relocated here told them. It seems that your new home will be safer than in most of the cities from earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, etc.

The town is located in such a convenient place that these kinds of things are pretty much never happening. Therefore, if you want to live the rest of your life without having to worry about things like this, Hampton is a place for you.

Financial aspects of moving to Hampton

For most of us, but especially for seniors, financials are one of the most important things there are. Luckily, the situation isn’t bad at all. On the contrary, it is rather suitable for retirement living. Here’s what you need to consider before you dive into tips and tricks for moving on a budget.

  • There are no income and sales taxes
  • Property taxes are a bit higher than in neighboring states
  • The median house price is around $260,000
  • Renting a studio apartment cost around $800, while for a one or two-bedroom apartment you’ll pay anywhere from $900-$1200
A senior man reading about why is Hampton, NH one of the finest locations for senior citizens.
With no income or sales taxes you’ll be able to spend your pension much more carefree.

It’s extremely safe

For anyone who doesn’t know, New Hampshire is voted as one of the top-three safest states in the US. And Hampton is the safest town in the whole state. Therefore, even if you already live in the Granite State, it may be a good idea to move here if you’re worried about crime. There are always locals you can count on to help you move so that’s another plus. 

So, the possibility to leave your garage door open throughout the night without anything missing from it in the morning is the final reason why is Hampton, NH one of the finest locations for senior citizens. We’re waiting for you. 

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