Why Englewood, NJ is perfect for dog owners

Before we tell you why Englewood, NJ is perfect for dog owners you should know that this whole state is pet friendly. New Jersians love dogs. Take a look around when you get there. You will see plenty of dog parks, a lot of places where you can go with your dog and all dog breeds from the smallest to really big ones like Irish Wolfhound.

NJ is perfect for dog owners but Englewood is the best

This city is the best for dog owners but generally, this is a very nice and affordable place. It’s calm and safe and no matter how old you are and what do you do for a living – you can appreciate that. Residents are known to be friendly and welcoming which is a piece of great news for you since fitting in won’t be a problem. You can find your dream home here.

A dog sitting in mans lap
This can be your new home.

Places to visit with your dog in Englewood, NJ

Crystal Lake Park, Flat Rock Brook Nature Center, and Englewood Picnic Area will be your top three places. Your dog will love it there and you will too. You can enjoy nature together. If you are not so outdoorsy there are plenty of restaurants and coffee shops where you and your pet can have fun and relax and we have a list for you :

  • Baumgart’s Caffee
  • Bennies
  • Blue Moon Mexican Cafe
  • Starbucks of course
  • Barking Dog
  • Ben&Jerry’s
  • Sidewalk Cafe

These are just some of the best-rated places you need to check out. Just like senior relocation, dog relocation has its set of challenges and that’s why you will need some help. Keep reading.

Moving to New Jersey with your dog

If you want to give your dog a stress-free relocation then maybe you shouldn’t do everything on your own but rather call skilled professionals like teddymoving.com are. Make sure to tell them that you are moving with your dog and they will do their best to accommodate your furry friend. Relocations are very stressful for dogs and this is a way to make it a bit easier.

A dog pretending to drive to New Jersey because NJ is perfect for dog owners
Maybe the dog shouldn’t be behind the wheel.

How can movers help?

Movers can do pretty much everything involving your upcoming relocation. But what most people don’t realize is that you need movers the most after you arrive at your new home. Unpacking and settling in is the hardest part actually and it can take a lot of your time. But if you enlist the help of skilled people that can be over in no time. That’s why hiring local Englewood movers is a good idea and your dog will appreciate it.

Help your dog to adapt

There are a few things you can do:

  • try to keep their routine even during those hectic days around the moving day
  • bring all your dog’s toys and pillows and such (even if you want to get new ones, keep the old ones for a few weeks and then change them when your dog is accustomed to a new home)
  • remember it is all up to you – your dog doesn’t care where you guys live, dogs only want to be with their humans so if you are happy your dog will be too

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