Why are people leaving Florida?

There is an ongoing debate about the validity of the reasons for people leaving Florida. Even though many of us dream about living in such a beautiful place, something is going on. We cannot turn the blind eye on the claims coming from people who are ready to leave. However, we can use that information and learn something from the latest trends. This kind of information can prove to be useful, if nothing then, in a situation when we are considering moving to a similar place. Or if we consider leaving such a place.

Why are people leaving Florida?

We know that Florida is a great place. It’s quite unique, and you need to prepare for special lifestyle it brings. On the other hand, living there requires a certain determination. Like with every other place you will pick for your home, you need to be sure it will suit all your needs. The common mistake people make is deciding on such an important matter by using unchecked information only. This often leads to disappointment and change of heart. The perfect example is when “snowbirds” are going south, sick and tired of winter, only to find out it is too hot for them. Not being able to fully grasp all the changes can get you in a pretty awkward situation. However, you can always change place within Florida. Ask Miami Movers for Less, or other similar moving company, and they will provide help no matter what your decision is.

Some “common misconceptions” about Florida


The weather, or even better, the hot weather in Florida catches some people off the guard. Running away from the extreme cold to the extreme heat is not a thing to be taken lightly. This is a common mistake people do when moving long distance. If you are running away from extreme conditions, usually the best choice is to move to the area with a mild temperature.

A girl sunbathing the beach.
Florida will always be a favorite destination for many of us.



If you are a nature lover, particularly from the areas with a lot of mountains, hills, and valleys, then the “flatness” of Florida may come as a surprise to you. Moving to Florida can cause anxiety to such a persona, and if the adjustment period doesn’t play well, it can lead to regrets. Also, a wish to enjoy more diverse, mountainous landscapes can be a reason good enough for people leaving Florida.


Too many worries about insurance and the budget… it’s for a reason. The insurance in Florida is higher than in other parts. Some people are not getting used to worrying about insurance so much. Then again, some people don’t really know what it means to get caught in a hurricane unprepared. It can come as quite a shock to them. Living in Florida requires some sort of toughness. Those who are not ready for that, should think about the moving budget on time and choose a new destination for their home.

Tourists may be one of the reasons for people leaving Florida

Planning to move to the place of your dream without even the slightest idea of how many tourists you will encounter daily may be a bad decision. For people that appreciate calmer surroundings, this can be an unpleasant surprise. The tourists are everywhere, on every corner, in every street. If you cannot get along with that, then Florida might not be a good place for you. Moving out of Coral Gables, the famous pedestrian-friendly destination, just because you can’t take any more tourists while you try to enjoy the walking… it sounds familiar.

Some of the dangers in Florida


The wildlife in Florida is flourishing, not even the urban areas are spared. Wherever you can find natural habitats like deep grass and water, you can be sure you will run into at least one of the specimens. Which would not be a bad thing somewhere else, but in Florida, those specimens are dangerous. This includes, and is not limited to:

  • Snakes, especially pythons
  • Sharks
  • Amoebas
  • Bugs
  • Rare bacteria
  • And infamous alligators


Sinkholes are one of the most annoying problems in Florida. Those dread holes appear in the ground and can cause a lot of damage. They can swallow a car, a truck, and in really rare occasions a house. Or at least damage it heavily. In most cases, they are non-catastrophic or life-threatening, however, we wish we don’t have them. Basically, a sinkhole is a hole which is formed when some lower layer of the surface is collapsed causing the depression on the upper layers. Extreme cases are rare, but even a small one can cause numerous problems for the neighborhood. Also, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and NASA are working on a solution to monitor changes in the terrain so they can predict everything before any damage is done. This will limit the effect of elemental hazards and allows us to favor some areas over others when investing in Florida real estate.

The wooden construction of a house.
No matter what, people in Florida will rebuild.



Heavy humidity and hurricanes can be a very valid reason for people leaving Florida. No one want’s to be nearby when a hurricane occurs. No one wants to live in the area potentially endangered by hurricanes. There are particular sets of instructions every resident in Florida needs to know in case of trouble. That is just something many people are not willing to live with. These tropical storms can be quite devastating to coastal areas. People still remember Irma and the damage it caused. This can be more than a valid reason why people are considering leaving coastal areas in general.

Storm on the beach.
Make sure you explore all the instruction about safety.


Conclusion on the reasons for people leaving Florida

Still, despite all the above-mentioned reasons, Florida can be and is a good place for living. It’s just that life in Florida brings some unique lifestyle and precautions with itself. The lack of state income tax will always be one of the major benefits if you choose your home there. Also, considering the cost of living and housing, it is more affordable than many other states. It will always be famous for beautiful beaches and have a variety of interesting outdoor activities. “Why are people leaving Florida?” Well, the more suitable question may be “How are people dealing with the things in Florida?” Because the majority are still there, and they are not going anywhere.

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