Where to donate food when moving?

Food is one of the items that cannot be moved when moving, especially if you move long-distance. Non-perishable food can be moved, but is it worth it to pay more money for transportation? In most cases, it is not worth it. This is why many people donate food when moving. It is a win-win situation – you will get rid of your food and at the same time, you will help someone who does not have enough food.

Places in the USA where you can donate food when moving

Food (perishable food) is one of the items your movers won’t move. Food banks are a great solution. You don’t have to deal with food and to waste it. There are many food banks across the USA. Unfortunately, food bank network members supply food to more than 46.5 million Americans each year and about 70% of food banks don’t feel as though they are able to adequately meet the needs of their communities.

Choosing a date to donate food when moving.
If you are not moving, you can also make a donation

Consider donating food even if you are not moving and help other people!

  • Feeding America Food Banks – there are 200 places in the USA where you can donate food when moving. Almost every state has a Feeding America Food Bank.
  • Second Harvest Food Bank – these banks can also be found across the USA. They are taking donations from grocery stores, farmers, and individuals.
  • Central Texas Food Bank – they supply food all over Texas (around 16,000 people each month). A headquarter is in 6500 Metropolis Drive, Austin, TX and they provide culinary training too.
  • North Country Food Bank – a headquarter is in MN but they have more than 220 agencies in Minnesota and North Dakota.
  • Northeast Iowa Food Bank – if you are from Iowa, you can leave food at 1605 Lafayette Street, Waterloo, IA and they will feed people from 16 counties in Iowa.
  • FeedMore – located in Richmond, Virginia, and services counties and cities around it. Pack like a pro your non-perishables and donate those boxes.
A homeless person.
Unfortunately, there are many hungry people in the USA, donate food when moving and help them

What else you can do with food when relocating?

Don’t waste your food. Before moving, start using food from your fridge and freezer and make dishes from ingredients you already have in a house. Use vegetables, fruits, meat, and spices you have. Eat perishables, and donate non-perishables.

Another thing you can do with food is to share with friends and neighbors. Giving someone food is never a bad idea. If you have perfectly good fruit and veggies left in the fridge, there are plenty of people who will eat it if you cannot. The same is with liquors. If you have beers, whiskey, or any other drinks – donate them to neighbors. It is another way of donating. Especially donate food when moving to neighbors and people from your environment if you know they are not in a good financial situation. Be a good neighbor and help – even if you don’t move.

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