What to do first when planning an office move in New Jersey

New Jersey offers a great business environment. As being an excellent alternative to nearby New York, many business owners choose to move their offices to the Garden State. Combining the lower costs with the benefits of almost limitless workforce potential, there are many opportunities at hand reach. On the other side, planning an office move in New Jersey can largely depend on the scale of your company, so it requires a careful approach. You will generally need an effective concept so you can minimize downtime and stay on budget. That’s why we will discuss a couple of things you need to do first when planning an office move in New Jersey.

Planning an office move in New Jersey

Despite being technically similar, commercial relocation requires a different approach than residential. The speed and efficiency become crucial elements for getting your office back to normal flow. At times, it can be chaotic, so the only effective way to meet these two prerequisites is to find a reliable professional moving company to help you. Ample Moving is one of the companies that serve NJ and the surrounding areas for years. With companies that specialize in office moving, you will solve the first half of the puzzle. The second half is to prepare everything. Let’s talk about a few things you need to commit to when planning an office move in New Jersey.

A map showing New York and New Jersey.
Being close to New York has its benefits.

Explore the benefits of New Jersey office move

When making a good plan, exploring all the options in advance is inevitable. Here are some benefits of moving the office to New Jersey you should know:

  • Formidable access to the financial market in NYC
  • Lower operational costs for businesses
  • Robust transportation network
  • Great connection through international airports and ports
  • New Jersey has a highly educated and skilled workforce
  • High quality of life for employees and their families

Make a detailed plan for office relocation

A good and detailed plan is a foundation of every large project. For that, you will need to think about making checklists and lists of tasks that will save you valuable time. Carefully create your moving plan with these things in mind:

  1. Research and gather all the necessary information before you start the moving process
  2. Explore the market and business opportunities in your niche
  3. Check for the appropriate location and surrounding neighborhoods
  4. Calculate both moving costs and costs of living
  5. Notify your employees and include them in planning

Setting a time frame for every step can definitely make your entire moving process easier. Bear in mind that for a large office, moving can take up to 6 months, including all the initial stages and preparation. For smaller, consider at least 2 to 3 months to deal with everything.

Hire professionals to help you

Since commercial moving is quite complex, the safest way to execute it is with the help of professional movers. It won’t be hard to recognize a trustworthy crew for this task because many companies are specialized in office moves. Generally speaking, hiring a quality moving company brings many benefits, like:

  • Precise and free moving quotes
  • Experienced and skillful movers
  • Complete high-quality equipment
  • Appropriate packing supplies to protect your complete office inventory
  • Insurance and guarantees
  • Complete packing and unpacking services
  • Disassembling and assembling
  • Clean and safe storage solutions

Not to mention that besides this, they will save you enough valuable time so you can deal with other more pressing matters. All in order to reduce the downtime of your business.

Packing your office internally

When packing your office, you also have the opportunity to hire affordable professionals. But, there are some cases where you, and your employees, can do it by yourself. In that case, you will need to find appropriate packing supplies. Especially if you have delicate and sensitive items like IT equipment and the company’s documentation. If you have enough manpower, separate your employees into teams and assign them with tasks. Placing one to oversee the entire process instead of you is advisable if you need to finish other corporate tasks. The final step is to carefully sort and pack the inventory with the emphasis on labeling. Of course, don’t forget to make a complete list of everything.

Team meeting in the office.
Don’t forget to include your employees in planning.

A couple of important steps

Whether you pack with professionals or on your own, here is a couple of important reminders:

Sorting out

First, you need to start making lists of the entire inventory. Usually, you can group items by departments, or by type. Next, gathering of proper supplies. Especially for IT equipment and similar items.

Preparing updates

Meanwhile, you should start updating your company info. For example, you will need a new business card because you are changing the address. The same goes for anything that has the address or even a phone number. Double-check everything regarding the new location. From dates to regulations, to make sure you didn’t overlook something.

Design the layout

Have a floor plan already in development. Considering you know the flaws of your old office, you should have a picture of what to expect in the new office. Also, it’s advisable to walk through the new office. You have to be sure everything is in place so there would be no surprises later.

Plan IT in advance

Pay close attention to IT. To minimize downtime, you need to start installing everything in advance. Everything from cable installations to setting up servers needs to be a part of this step. Again, moving your equipment and plugging in should be as fast as possible. You can consider renting a moving container if you don’t want anyone to tamper with your equipment.

Computer server with blinking lights.
Think about the extra protection for your IT equipment.

You have employees as well

Don’t forget your employees. Before moving day arrives, you need to already have developed employee plans. Some of them might relocate with the company, some of them might stay. But you need to present them with complete information and prepare the benefits for the most loyal. This office relocation affects their lives greatly, especially if they have a family that relies on them.

Planning an office move in New Jersey is far from easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard either. Join forces with your employees and professional movers, and you will have an incredibly fast and efficient move. Your business doesn’t need to suffer any unnecessary downtime if you plan things upfront.

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