What to clean first when you move in

Moving is a daunting task and many dread it. It is a huge change and you will need time to adjust to your new neighborhood and your new home and surroundings. But your adaptation process can only start once you have complete all of the tasks that make a relocation process. prior to settling in you should prepare your new home. This means cleaning and disinfecting the place to your standards. It’s best to do it before you arrange your furniture and before you unpack. But there is always the question of what to clean first when you move in and where to start?

Why clean?

Many wonder just why to clean a house you freshly moved in to. Chances are that the house was cleaned before its sale. But, you should consider cleaning it up to your standards and the needs of your family. There is a chance that the carpets should be thoroughly vacuumed and washed. You should consider cleaning the air vents and air filters. You should clean the grout from the bathtub or shower. The simple reason is that you don’t know what went on in a place you are moving into. So, clean it to your liking so you can be sure everything is spotless.

A woman vacuuming as floors are what to clean first when you move in.
Make sure to thoroughly clean your new home

How to clean and what to clean first?

You should properly prepare for the task of cleaning your new home. Make your cleaning supplies a part of your essentials bag. Make sure you have your favorite cleaning chemicals, sponges, scrubbers, dusters and paper towels, mop, cleaning rags, broom, and vacuum. These are crucial for proper home cleaning on moving day. But if you are moving locally try to get a head start for cleaning. You can get your supplies before moving day. In this way, you can clean before you move and be sure that everything is spotless before your family comes in.

If you need extra time you can even find a place to keep extra items and furniture until you finish cleaning.

If you can afford it you can even hire a professional cleaning service to do the job. There is nothing better for cleaning a carpet then a professional, experienced, and well-equipped company. This can simplify the process of your move and help you on a moving day. But if you decide to do it yourself make your cleaning plan and stick to it. Here is where to start:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Kids room
  • The rest of the house


If you don’t have any food to put into the refrigerator then the bathroom is the obvious first choice for the cleaning process. You will use the bathroom throughout your moving day. By the end of the move, you will need a clean and ready to use a bath or a shower. So, make sure you clean the bathroom first so you can use it freely at the end of a hard moving day.

Bathroom items on a bathtub
Clean the grime and make your bathroom spotless


The kitchen is next in line. Cleaning the kitchen will make you feel everything is starting to get back to normal. It is the room that you will fully unpack first so its sensible to clean it next. Clean out the fridge first and get into scrubbing the oven. Start from the top and scrub the tiles, cabinets, and backsplash. Get the sink sanitized and scrub the counters.

Kids room

If you have kids you will want them to sleep in a clean and safe room. Bigger kids can stand to sleep one night in a dirty room but you shouldn’t plan for it. Make sure to clean the walls and carpets even before you move the bed or crib in. Make sure everything is sanitized thoroughly.

If you have a baby you should consider cleaning and unpacking the nursery first. Make sure to create a clean place for the baby. In this way, you will be sure the baby is in a clean environment away from the dust and dirt of the moving day. Also, consider baby-proofing the room to make a safe environment. In this way, you will prepare a clean and safe area for the baby away from the rush and hassle. This will free you up to handle the rest of your moving day in the best possible way.

Person disinfecting a refrigerator
Clean and disinfect your kitchen

The rest

Once the priority areas are spotless you should consider cleaning the rest. Make sure you clean your bedroom next. Your carpets can wait for the day after the move if you don’t have the time. Also, consider cleaning all of the other appliances. Clan out the air filters in the air-conditioning unit. Also, replace the filter in your furnace. Make sure to take note of the date you put in your new filters so you can replace them on time.

Also consider

Cleaning your new home can be a huge project you must tackle. Before you move in make sure to inspect all of the possible problem areas so you can plan your cleaning. For example, you can inspect the carpets for damage or stains that are hidden by the furniture. Also, inspect for grime and dirt leftover by pets. Inspect and clan crown moldings. They can add to the atmosphere of the room but they can also hide dead bugs and dust. Clean dusty ceiling fans before they launch dust into the air. Clean chandeliers and hanging lights from spiders’ webs and dust.

Take the time to do the proper cleaning and disinfection of your home. It may disturb your moving schedule but it has to be done. You may need to put off your moving day so consider a flexible moving company that can provide additional services. Divine Moving and Storage can be flexible enough to give you time to clean. They will also provide additional storage service for your belongings while you clean and also provide expert packing and unpacking.

So, when you move you must handle a lot of different issues. Cleaning is one of them. Besides the loading, unloading, unpacking, and all of the moving hassles make sure to leave some time for cleaning. A properly cleaned house will make your new home your haven in no time.

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