What makes Falls Church, VA a good place to live

Falls Church is one of the best places to live in Virginia, but you are surely wondering what exactly makes it a good place. We will show you and we will show you how to relocate there. Just in case you fall in love with the place as much as we did. Relocations are often quite hard so we will do our best to show you who can help you out. Now, let’s check out this charming Virginia city and see what makes it so great.


When researching any city, you need to check out this website as well. You will see there everything you need to know (basic stuff) and most importantly you will see if the place is a good one or not as good. According to Niche, this is an A+ city. They took things like safety and resident satisfaction into consideration and that’s why they are saying all those nice things about Falls Church. But we will show you why this can be a great place for all age groups.

Fall Church for families

We will start with families since most of the people relocating here are moving with their families and kids. Many people claim that Minessota is the best place for young families but we believe Virginia is just as good. There are many reasons why they love this city and one of them is because it is a safe place (no major criminal activity). Also, you should know that there are a lot of outdoor activities at your disposal which is very important if you have kids. Last but not the least factor are public schools. Most of the public schools in this city are rated above average and having a good school can mean a lot for your children’s education.

A big happy family in Falls Church
This can be a great place for you to raise your family.

Fall Church for younger generations

The reason why younger generations love this city is that this place has a fantastic nightlife. Finding any sort of entertainment here is going to be easy and as you can assume many young people appreciate that. There are plenty of great restaurants, coffee shops, malls, and great places for the singles to mingle. Technically this is a suburb but it is a very lively one! Not as much as St Petersburg, FL but close enough.

Fall Church for young professionals

Even though Orange County is the most popular place amongst young professionals today we will show you why this place can also be great. The commute is great! This area is known for environmental activism and we have young professionals to thank for that. Even though you will get an urban village vibe from this place you should know that this is not so small a place and there are a lot of great job opportunities to be found.

Work from home

Digital nomads (people who have remote jobs and they can move as they like) also love this place. If you decide to take your chances in this area make sure to call zippyshelldmv.com and we will show you why just keep reading.

The reason why seniors love it

Besides being a safe place with a lot of great outdoor activities there is another perk that seniors especially enjoy – a bit cheaper healthcare. Here in the USA healthcare can cost quite a lot so naturally many people decide to go where it’s cheaper. Some seniors even decide to relocate to Canada because of it.

An elderly couple playing with their  grandkids
This is a very nice place where you can enjoy your retirement.

Great places you need to check out in Falls Church

We found some really great and popular places for you to check out. It doesn’t matter if you are just visiting or moving here, all of those will be fun to explore. Of course, this place has a lot more to offer but we picked the most popular ones to get you started

  • ArtSpace Falls Church
  • Historic Trails
  • Cherry Hill Park
  • Cherry Hill Farmhouse
  • Eden Center
  • The State Theater
  • Washington and Old Dominion Trail

After you are done exploring these we suggest you ask locals to help you to find more great places for you to enjoy and explore in the area. Locals always know the best places.

Moving to Falls Church

Now we need to talk about the exciting part. You will obviously need to do some more research but if you decide to relocate here after some house-hint the time will come for you to relocate. That’s when movers come in. The whole purpose of hiring movers is so you can have a stress-free relocation. Yes, that is possible but you will need to find reliable professionals and book them in advance.

When do you need movers the most?

People often assume that packing or heavy lifting is the hardest part of every relocation. That is in fact quite hard but in reality, the hardest part comes last. We are talking about unpacking and settling in. The reason why this feels like the hardest part is because you will be exhausted in the end. Luckily skilled assistance is near and local movers can help you to unpack and settle in quickly.

 A young woman among cardboard moving boxes tired of packing for a move
Doing everything on your own can be quite hard.

Settling in and getting to know the neighborhood

This is the most exciting part. After the movers are done unpacking, you will be able to start exploring this great place and meet new people (your new neighbors). If you start feeling homesick you should know that this is completely normal and most people feel that way. That feeling will go away as soon as you make new friends, and make yourself at home, and of course, it will take some time.

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