Ways to make your college move more sustainable

People are moving all the time. Reasons for moving are different and one of them is moving for college. Most people are living on campus, so moving is part of their college life. It is how college life starts – by moving. What does it mean to have a sustainable relocation? Why it is important? How to make your college move more sustainable? Is it hard and complicated?

A sustainable move means an eco-friendly relocation

Do not make your upcoming relocation harmful to the environment. Think about our Earth and future. As a young person, you should think about the environmental impact and be aware of the global problem.

It is easy to have an eco-friendly move. There are tons of ways how to do it. Every small step can be life-changing. Finding moving tips will help you have a better and more organized relocation, but finding moving tips that are sustainable will help you and your environment too. Therefore, think about this phenomenon.

Drawing of a man and books.
Be prepared for a new chapter in your life – college. Make it fun and exciting

How to make your college move more sustainable?

The first step to having an eco-friendly relocation is to determine if the relocation is necessary. In this case, it is, because you are moving for college. That is the first factor that you have already accomplished.

  • Wrap fragile items in soft materials, not in paper.
  • Rent reusable moving boxes, because buying them is more expensive and you won’t need those moving boxes later.
  • Use biodegradable packing material besides using your clothes and linens for wrapping.
  • Recycle after relocation to make your college move more sustainable.
  • Stop using disposable items such as plastic forks, cups, bottles because they are one of the biggest sources of trash, especially during college life.
  • Embrace a minimalist lifestyle during college. Besides making your college move more sustainable, keep going with that after moving as well.
  • Go digital and everything that can be done on the computer should be done there, in order to reduce paper usage.
  • Buy local and second-hand if you need some piece of furniture.

Renting a college storage unit

Dorm rooms are small and you will share a room with another person. If your home is far away, it is not practical to travel all the time to get new clothing and other things you need. Also, during the summer, you should empty your room on the university campus. In this case, many college students rent a storage unit near the campus. Explore eco-friendly storage solutions in the city where you are studying.

Recycle sign symbolizing how to make your college move more sustainable.
Recycle and think about the environment when moving and after moving as well. Be eco-friendly

A couple of last tips

You and your friends may rent one storage unit. It is a more sustainable option and a cheaper option as well. If you want to make your college move more sustainable, continue to have sustainable college life during your studies. Also, after graduation, it will be time to move again, and moving from college can be sustainable too.

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