Van Lines vs. regular movers

When moving you want to choose the right moving company. But, you’re having trouble doing it because you don’t know what’s the best fit for you. You even don’t know your options. Quickly, you find yourself entering a toss-up between van lines vs. regular movers. However, you’re unsure what each of these types of movers offers. Both have their strengths, and it cooks down to your preferences. Anyway, this article can help you choose between van lines vs. regular movers.

Van lines vs. regular movers – basic differences

There are many reasons why hiring a professional moving service is a smart moveBut, you can’t decide between van lines vs. regular movers. So, to help you, here are some basic differences:

  • Regular moving companies are like local movers. But, they have a long-distance delivery address.
  • Van lines are companies with a national brand. They usually do long distance moves. Van lines are an assembly of local movers who are assigned to the job that falls under their jurisdiction. This means that a loading truck will come and pick up your belongings at the main terminal. Then they will load them on a semi-truck with other shipments they have agreed.

Once you establish the basics, here are the pros and cons of each of these types of movers.

3d Model
Van Lines vs. regular movers. Which company is the best for you? Continue reading and find out.

Regular movers

When relocating locally, you can choose between renting a truck and hiring full-service movers. Usually, people choose regular movers because they’re less expensive than large national brands. Moving with regular movers is like a local move with a long-distance address. They come to your home, load belongings on a truck and transport them at your new address. All this by the time you and the movers determine. Also, you can use the additional services they offer. 

 Pros and cons of regular movers

Pros are:

  • Truck dedicate for your shipment – You will not share a moving truck with anyone.
  • Using only one truck for the shipment – One truck picks up and delivers your belongings at your new home. This will reduce the concern for the safety of your items. With all those tips for packing fragile items, you don’t want them to be damaged while switching moving trucks.
  • Your pickup and delivery dates are not depending on anyone. 

Cons are:

  • Price – If the truck is not full, the cost is slightly higher. You’ll have to pay the company for they could have loaded the other half. 
Graphic Moving Truck - Van Lines vs. regular movers
Van Lines vs. regular movers – both choices have strengths and weaknesses. In the end, it all comes to your preferences.

Van Lines

National Van lines is an association of many national offices that work together when necessary. Moving with van lines means picking your belongings and delivering onto the main terminal. Here Van lines load them on a semi-truck with other shipments going a similar route. 

Pros and cons of Van Lines

Pros are:

  • You only pay for what you take up.
  • Cheaper – It’s cheaper because your belongings switch up trucks and warehouses, and it lasts longer.
  • National brand – You will not have to worry about moving scams.

Cons are:

  • Chance of mixing up with delivery addresses and other shipments.
  • Flexible delivery dates 
  • Delays may happen 

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