Useful Tips for Finding Long Distance Movers

Working with the right moving company is at the very top of a successful move. Even if you’ve moved before, you’ll realize that finding long distance movers is another story entirely. Here are some tips how to know you’re hiring the best long distance movers there are!

finding the right long distance movers


Long distance moving companies handle moves differently than moving companies that focus on local moves. Factors that vary will usually include payment, scheduling and estimates, and given the fact that you still have to trust them with all your belongings makes it even more important to find good long distance movers you can trust.

What You Can Do to Filter out the Best Long Distance Moving Companies

  • Make sure to look into the company and look for unbiased reviews of past clients. Movingscam has reviews on a large number of international and local movers, take a look and see if your movers are mentioned as well. In any case, don’t sign any contracts before knowing who you are dealing with!
  • Don’t just ask for the prices – see if they have a tariff system and how exactly they calculate moving prices. In order to give you a right price, they’ll have to ask you about the exact distance they’ll be moving your belongings as well as the total weight. If you’re not sure how they moving company determines moving prices, ask! Good and reliable long distance moving companies have a clear pricing system and are not afraid to share it with their customers.
  • This will be a surprise – but make sure they don’t include the weight of the moving truck when giving you an estimate of the total weight. Ask to see the according document where the total weight is calculated and where the weight of the truck is stated separately.
  • After getting an estimate – ask what the maximum costs would be. This way, you’ll know how to distribute your finances accordingly.
  • Cross country movers now have to offer you standard coverage. Ask about other types of insurances to keep your belongings safe. Very important: ask what the policy is based on and what exactly will be covered in case of loss or damage.
  • If the movers ask you if you want them to calculate the moving cost based on volume or weight – choose weight. Weight is more difficult to manipulate and is therefore less prone to miscalculations.

What Good Long Distance Moving Companies Will Do

Finding international movers

1. Their pricing system is transparent. Good international movers or cross country moving companies have a clear system of how and what they charge for. Their estimates should be based on weight and distance – avoid deals calculated based on volume.

To obtain an estimate of how much your move will cost, they should first take a look at your things and ask you about how you pictured it. If you have any questions, now is the time! The movers should be able to provide you clear and detailed answers on your questions. If not, and if you feel this particular mover isn’t the real deal, definitely consider finding a different and more reliable long distance mover.

As the goal of this first assessment is to give you an estimate of your moving costs, it’s important and more precise if they come by in person instead of doing it over the phone.

Ask to see if the estimate they provided is the minimum or the maximum amount, which is important for you if you’re looking to have full cost transpartency during your move.

Ideally, the moving company will give you an estimate which also includes the costs per pound and where the maximum amount you’ll have to pay is stated. This way, you know exactly what to expect.

Also, ask them to give you a non-binding estimate, which means that the sum isn’t fixed, but that the actual moving costs will be determined based on how much your things actually weight.

2. They Charge Only for the Weight of Your Things. After providing an estimate, the moving company performs a proper weighing of your things. Your movers shouldn’t make a fuss if you ask them to be present during this process, but if you can’t be there for some reason – ask for the officual weight receipt, where the weight of the truck is stated separately.

3. They’re realistic. Be careful with movers (and especially long distance movers) who promise you miracles. Their price and date estimates should be transparent and realistic, and if they know what they’re doing they’ll tell you that you need some room for error, as there are factors they simply can’t control.

For example, there could be weather conditions or delays at the border which could slow them down, even though the initial estimate included some additional time for such cases. But if they are serious and experienced, they’ll let you in on this and you’ll have it on paper as well.

4. They Know How to Handle Borders and Customs. This is why finding and hiring the right long distance moving company is matters so much. Crossing international borders is an administrative, but also a financial and legal mess that is really hard to keep track of.

Your long distance moving company should be familiar with the dos and don’ts of moving people and things to a different state or country. If they are not acquainted with the particular rules of your case, they should at least be able to tell you where to look and what you can do to make your international move go smoothly.

5. They Talk AND Ask. Laura McHolm mentioned a very important point in her article with tips for finding a great moving company: it’s tremendously important to have a dialogue. Especially companies that specialize in long distance moves need to have a very clear picture of what you need, so it’s important for both you and them to talk to each other.

If they just sit there and let you do all the talking and asking, you might not be dealing with a professional moving company. Finding the right long distance movers takes a little bit of patience and some research, but all the effort will be worth it once you found reliable and professional movers that can bring your belongings safely to your new home.

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