The ultimate moving checklist

Are you planning your relocation and want to make sure not to forget anything? There is a solution even for the most difficult moving scenarios. If you are planning long distance relocation, making the ultimate moving checklist is a good idea. Nobody can remember all the details regarding a moving process. Besides packing and labeling the moving boxes, you will probably need to prepare the paperwork, visit a local bank and make sure to prepare the budget for the move. If you continue reading, you will find the ultimate moving checklist that can make your life easier, whether you are moving locally or long distance.

Two months before the move – make a moving checklist

Making a moving plan

At the beginning of every relocation, it’s important to make a moving plan. In order to avoid mistakes and forget to do an important task, make sure to write everything down. Even if you think you can hold it all in your head, making a moving checklist is essential because you never know what can go wrong last minute.

Make sure to put the moving specialists on your checklist

Moving plan can also save you valuable time and money. For example, planning to hire professional moving assistance few months ahead will cost you less than hiring them last minute. Another thing that will save you money is planning the transportation of your belongings. Make sure to decide which things you want to move and which ones you can sell or give away before the move.

Establishing the budget

If you are moving with limited financial resources, don’t forget to establish a moving budget. During the moving process, you might have many additional costs. Don’t forget to calculate all of your housing costs, moving services and other expenses. Moreover, make sure to ask your movers to give you the estimate of the moving costs.

Hiring professional movers

In case you are moving long distance or moving a 5-member family, it’s way easier to let professionals do all the hard work. The cost of moving services can vary, so make sure to find affordable movers and book them on time. Before you hire reliable movers, make sure to check the quality of moving services.

One month before the move

Finding a new job

Unless you are moving because you already got a new job offer, finding one is essential. Since the moving process can affect your finances, having a steady income is more than recommended. One month before your relocation (sometimes even earlier), you should start looking for job listings. If you plan to quit your current job, make sure to have some savings for the relocation process.

Gathering the paperwork

Depending on your family status and your financial situation, you might need to gather additional paperwork for the move. Finding a new school for your kids, visiting your local doctor or a pet specialist for your dog should be on your moving checklist. In case you are moving abroad, make sure to find out everything about visa papers, in case you need them.

Finding a new housing

If there is one thing you should focus on besides packing your moving boxes, it’s finding a proper home. In case you don’t calculate all of your housing costs on time, you might overspend your moving budget and get into trouble. If you have the resources, hiring a good real estate agent is always a good idea.

Decluttering your home will help you downsize the number of moving boxes.

Sorting out and decluttering

In the end, even if you hire professional movers to do all the packing, you will still need to declutter your home. Think about all the electronic devices, old paperwork or clothes. You might not need to move all of your possessions. You can always make 3 piles of things and label them – one for moving, give away and throw away. After decluttering your entire home, you will be able to downsize the number of moving boxes you’ll need to pack.

A week before the move

Make a packing plan

It might sound easy, but packing isn’t just throwing all of your things into moving boxes. First of all, most of us have heavy and bulky furniture pieces that are not easy to lift and move. Make sure to discuss with your movers whether you need a packing service. If you decide that you need one, movers will make sure to pack your things in the best-quality packing materials. People who have valuable items that are prone to breaking, usually decide to get professional help from movers. Professional packing is the best way to secure your items for the transportation, especially if you are moving long distance.

Contact your movers and discuss details

During the last few days before the move, you should get in touch with you movers and discuss all the details regarding your move. Making a moving day timeline is essential so that both you and your movers know what to do on a moving day.

On a moving day

The moving day has finally arrived! Assuming that you got enough rest the night before, here are few things you shouldn’t forget on a moving day.

pencil and a book
Make sure to check if every moving box is in place on a moving day.
  • Pack the moving day bag (essentials and important documents or the road)
  • Bring extra clothes, in case you are traveling a long distance
  • Make a meal plan. On a moving day, eating will probably be the last thing on your mind. However, make sure to keep the strength during the entire day and get some rest, if possible.
  • Take inventory and bring your moving checklist with you. You never know if your movers can miss out on something. It’s always better to check the labels and the number of moving boxes that are loaded into a truck.

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