Top US Cities for Young Couples

Newlyweds? Or simply planning to spend your life together? In any case, you succeeded in finding a perfect partner, which is wonderful. Now you need to find a perfect place to build your future together. If you are a young couple full of hopes and ideas about your future, you need a place which allows you to fulfill your ambitions, but at the same time provides enough opportunities for recreation and a dynamic social life.  The US is a lively multicultural environment that has attracted youngsters from all over the world for ages. However, if you’re traveling with your partner, you need to get some useful info on the top US cities for young couples. The important thing is – you won’t regret your decision! The US has so much to offer!

10 things to consider before choosing between top US cities for young couples

man and woman cuddling on a beanbag chair, guitar beside them
You found a perfect partner now you need a perfect place.

The fact that you’ve found the right partner is already encouraging. If you can agree on the little thing that makes you happy, you can rely on their support for much bigger decisions. But don’t forget you’re in this together! Your opinions count equally and if you want things to work out, you need to sit down and talk about the possibilities without forcing your own attitude. There are details to consider and certain features do make some of the places top US cities for young couples for a reason.

The most important 10 things to consider

  • labor market
  • affordability
  • unemployment rate
  • safety
  • traffic
  • average income
  • weather
  • nightlife
  • recreational activities
  • cultural events

It may sound a lot to take in at once, but you can always make a table to evaluate the positive and negative sides. It will help the decision-making process and you can be sure you are not biased when looking at your options. You may decide to raise a family one day and having kids demands security in every sense. Even if you don’t, you would certainly want to live in a city which offers a favorable labor market, dynamic cultural and social life and affordable rents. Not to mention safety! If drawing a table is not your cup of tea, we made a list of top US cities for young couples based on the mentioned criteria and you can just take a peek.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Population:                      303,624

Median resident age:     33.5 years

Pittsburgh ranks No. 4 in the list of the most affordable cities in the US. The annual mortgage amounts to $4,477 and median annual income to $40,715. It’s more than enough for a young couple with average earnings to settle in and live on their salary without economizing all the time. Residents of Pittsburgh mainly walk and use public transport, which means it’s safe. Crime rate is lower than average and, if you plan a family, there are some amazing places for kids. In addition, Pittsburgh boasts some of the best public schools in the country.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Population:                     298,802

Median resident age:    32.2

a little girl writing notes in her notebook
Great schools make Cincinnati one of top US cities for young couples with kids


One of the most obvious signs that life is getting better in Cincinnati is the fact that the population has kept growing since 2015. Moreover, it’s getting younger! And this is really good news for young couples looking for a perfect place for a fresh start. The increase in the average household income speaks for itself. Residents of Cincinnati spend 21.6 minutes in transport and usually rely on their cars. With a steady job market and reputable public schools, Cincinnati is an attractive place for families. In addition, there are plenty of restaurants with great food at reasonable prices.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Population:                     413,645

Median resident age:    32

The suburbs of Minneapolis have experienced huge growth in recent years. Young couples can enjoy a number of amenities, museums and recreational centers for leisure and entertainment. In addition, Minneapolis is home to Minnesota Timberwolves, which means you have the luxury of watching unique NBA show live in your own hometown! With the average annual salary of $55,010 and monthly rent of $963, you can organize your life without much trouble. It is also worth mentioning that this city has 4th highest percentage of gay, lesbian and bisexual people in US cities, which means diversity is welcome in the streets of Minneapolis.

San Antonio, Texas

Population                     1.39 million

Median resident age    33.1

San Antonio has experienced job growth of about 3% from 2016 and at the same time became the 7th fastest growing city in the US. With costs of living below the national average, it continues to attract young couples from all over the world. It’s very exciting to live here and if you are a meat lover, you will love San Antonio! There’s a tradition of open-air barbecues and fiestas around town. The most famous Fiesta party is held every year and lasts for 10 days. At the time of Fiesta, the streets are decorated with flowers and parades are held across the city with music and street dancing. What a place for young couples to live and have fun!

Austin, Texas

Population:                     947,897

Median resident age:    32,7

Austin festival - one of the top US cities for young couples
Austin is known as the live music capital of the world

Popularly known as the live music capital of the world, Austin is a city that mainly attracts students and young professionals. Even though housing costs rank slightly above the national average, the average income is also higher and the opportunities for employment are immense. All in all, when you combine the costs with earnings, you get a great quality of life in this part of Texas! There are many tech companies in Austin offering both employment and fantastic salaries: Facebook, Dell, Google, Intel, and Apple are just some of them. There is a number of film and music festivals held across town. The only thing you should keep in mind is that you need to invest in air-conditioning. Summers can be scorching! However, with all the opportunities at your disposal, you’ ll certainly be able to invest. Austin truly is one of the top US cities for young couples for a reason!

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