Top business-friendly towns in Texas

The Lone Star State has a thriving business environment, and for that reason, more and more people are flocking to it. TX is a perfect place for fostering one’s job. Business-wise some cities in this particular state stand for the best cities in the whole US. Now that you’ve decided and prepared yourself for moving long-distance, the question is which business-friendly towns in Texas would best suit your needs.

Check out our top list of towns in Texas for entrepreneurs:

  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • San Antonio
  • Midland
  • Katy
  • Temple

Business-friendly towns in Texas: Austin

When it comes to the number of firms, Austin takes the fourth position in Texas. It excels in the tech industry but is powerful in other areas as well. The fact that it lies in Texas Triangle, an economic powerhouse in the state, testifies to this. 


As Heavenly Moving and Storage specialists advise, before having professionals assist you, you should be positive that you made the right decision. Dallas might be on your list of priorities. It is great for starting a small business and its thriving industries, such as media, IT, telecommunications, food manufacturing, construction, etc.

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Moving to Dallas will help you expand your job opportunities.

San Antonio is one of the business-friendly towns in Texas

Aside from having booming business, San Antonio stands for the most affordable urban area in TX. Isn’t that great. Its major industries are healthcare and bioscience, new energy and economy, and so on.


Midland has the best of both worlds. It is also known for its low cost of living. Moreover, it is estimated that its citizens have the highest personal income. That sounds great, doesn’t it? Be sure to get acquainted with the moving process beforehand if you choose this germ.


Katy is famous for its low unemployment rate, which is under five percent. There is a job for everyone in Katy. Most of the companies there have to do with energy and are majors in it.

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Katy is one of the most business-friendly cities that will help you grow job opportunities.

Check out Temple, one of the most business-friendly towns in Texas

Temple is perfect for those who are starting a business on their own. As a matter of fact, it takes the first position as the best city for starting a business, so there are no second thoughts here. Naturally, this type of move can’t go without professional assistance and commercial movers. It is no wonder that skilled teams can ease the process. In that way, you’ll end your business relocation in no time and without any difficulty.

Plan your move

Once you’ve made a decision you need a plan for moving. Browsing New Movers Network can help a great deal when it comes to preparations and making other important decisions such as this one.

Grow your business

As you’ll see business-friendly towns in Texas are really perfect for growing your company and we hope you’ll like the city you choose as well. Good luck with the move!

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