Top 7 family-friendly places near NYC

So, you are considering a family move and want to learn more about the top seven family-friendly places near NYC. If you read our article carefully, you can choose the best for your loved ones regarding your priorities and interests. Therefore, pay special attention to the points that interest you the most and you will be able to find your perfect new home. Sooner than you may think!

Mountain Lakes

First of all, Mountain Lakes is a suburb in New Jersey that is very good for family life. If you are not interested in raising your children in the Big Apple, this place is not far but has highly-rated public schools and wonderful houses. Also, Mountain Lakes is a very safe suburb that is of high importance to all who are choosing a new place for their loved ones. Because of its safety, many seniors also choose to move here and spend their golden years in the best possible way.

Mountain Lakes is among the best family-friendly places near NYC.
Mountain Lakes has wonderful schools with very nice teachers, and is, therefore, considered one of the most family-friendly places near NYC.

Ridgewood is among the top 7 family-friendly places near NYC

The second place that we highly recommend for people with kids is Ridgewood, which is also a suburb in New Jersey. Most residents are conservative and houses on sale are very spacious and truly amazing. Importantly, public schools in Ridgewood are excellent and it is safe to live here. However, when moving to a new home, you can easily find out that you need more space for some of your belongings. This means that storage services are something that you should definitely consider. There are many storage spaces, so ensure you find the best one for you near New York City.


Thirdly, there is Haworth, a New Jersey suburb where many New Yorkers choose to move to. This place is perfect for young couples and people with children because it is safe, diverse, and has great homes and schools. Houses here are very nice and spacious, built in different styles with gardens and backyards that people from New York City adore. Also, Haworth has a rural vibe and a great number of parks which is great for all who love spending their free time outdoors.

Haworth has very nice parks where you can walk your dog and enjoy some free time on weekends with your family members.

Monmouth Junction is one of the best family-friendly places near NYC

Fourthly, Monmouth Junction is a suburb close to New York City where people are pretty liberal. Houses here are beautiful, schools are highly rated, and nature is preserved. In addition, this New Jersey suburb is diverse and people with kids love living here. Monmouth Junction has nice shops. And its residents are satisfied with them. Surely, this location is one of the best for all who want to live with their loved ones close to the Big Apple.

Old Greenwich

In the fifth place, we have Old Greenwich, a suburb in Connecticut that has very cozy coffee shops, excellent restaurants with different food specialties, and amazing parks. Nature in Old Greenwich is magical and there is a beach that is ideal for family weekends. Moreover, educational opportunities in this place in Connecticut are great and many residents have master’s degrees. Old Greenwich is a very safe location for raising a family and has a true sense of community. Plus, it is very diverse and has very good stores where you can shop for different items.

Short Hills is one of seven family-friendly places near NYC

In the sixth place, there is Short Hills, a place not that far from New York City but excellent for family life. Officially, this is a New Jersey suburb that has a truly suburban vibe. Since family homes will interest you, the housing market here has a lot to offer. You will not be bored if you move here for there are a lot of nice restaurants, cafes, parks, and other locations where you can go when you are not in the mood for staying home. Importantly, public schools here are very good and residents tend to be ambitious when it comes to education. Three are a great number of people who live in Short Hills and who have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

Short Hills is a New Jersey suburb famous for wonderful family houses that every family would love living in.

Upper Montclair

The seventh place that we will mention in this article is Upper Montclair. This location in New Jersey is truly perfect for people who have a family. Public schools here are not bad at all, single-family houses are nice, and there are cozy places to eat a meal or drink coffee. Upper Montclair has parks that are ideal for recreation and relaxation in the morning and evening hours. Plus, you should not worry about safety if you choose to move here with your family members, and the neighbors are pretty friendly and helping people. Stores here are not bad either and you can find many products and items. There are also hiking trails that many people who are into sports and outdoor activities really love. We have to mention an art museum as well, ideal for all art lovers who come to live in Upper Montclair.


Finally, there are the top seven family-friendly places near NYC among which you can choose for your fresh start. Each of these locations has great educational opportunities, which means that your kids will go to great schools and have all opportunities to apply to very good colleges later. None of these locations is boring and you will be able to go out to nice restaurants, coffee shops, and beautiful parks with your loved ones. Moreover, all these places near the Big Apple are pretty safe and the homes are amazing.

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