Tips for newcomers in a big city

Is there anyone who wouldn’t like to live a comfortable life? Probably not. Hence, you probably thought of moving to the big city. It’s a reasonable thing to do when seeking a better life. Starting a new chapter by moving to New York City or Los Angeles, for example, is one of the many people’s life goals. Not simply because they want to live in a metropolitan area, but for the chances that each metropolis offers. But we must warn you here. Being newcomers in a big city sometimes isn’t that brilliant thing. The big city brings some new potential troubles. We talked to dozens of newcomers in NYC and made a few tips for you. They should help you adjust to the big city life easier and faster.

Why do people move to a big city?

Moving to a big city - What are the main reasons?
The main reasons for moving to a big city

There are various reasons why people tend to relocate to big cities. You could mention a few yourself. As we said, we did a research, so we have the results of why the newcomers we talked to were searching for a home in New York City. Perhaps you shall find your own reasons for moving to NYC among these 5 to follow:

  • Life opportunities- Primarily, the opportunities for finding a better job. This is by far the strongest reason among the newcomers to NYC.
  • Chances to have more fun- Everybody knows how many opportunities to entertain yourself you have in a big city.
  • Meeting other cultures- Without having to travel the world. There are so many newcomers in a big city as New York, and from different countries. So you shall have a great chance to enter the world of cultural diversity if you move to metropolis!
  • Transportation system- On the contrary from what you might think, you could actually save some time if you move to a bigger city! The public transportation is the reason. You can live in a suburb, and travel to work only 15-30 minutes.
  • Better healthcare- No need for a detailed explanation. Simply, you have a much bigger choice and a lot more options to choose from. Hence, a better chance to find the healthcare suiting your requirements.

Tips for moving to a big city like New York- step by step to successful relocation

Make a good moving plan before moving to a big city
Before moving to a big city, make a good moving plan

After you learned the reasons why people move to big cities, we shall give you a few tips on how you should do it. Moving to New York City should be an adventure, with no headaches. Yet, the relocation is a very demanding job. Hence, you must prepare for it properly, or, otherwise, you could get into a serious trouble. Here is what you should do:

  • Plan your every move carefully.

    If you’re not sure what you should do, ask your friends, or the moving professionals. But make sure you make a detailed plan of your relocation. Not only for the moving day, but for all the activities prior to, during, and after your move. Schedule every important thing, and don’t leave anything for later. Lacking time to do something before you move is the problem number one!

  • Find a quality moving agency.

    For example, if moving to Kings County, you’ll search for reliable moving professionals in Brooklyn. Finding the best local moving company in the part of New York you’re moving to is the best thing to do. As the best company, they know how to do everything, and as locals, they know every part of every neighborhood, hence the troubles with the relocation are what you probably won’t experience. And starting your life as newcomers in a big city with no troubles on a moving day should be your most important goal!

  • Get rid of everything you don’t use on a regular basis.

    Avoid cluttering your home in a big city, given that you’ll probably live in a smaller home. Therefore, you don’t want to waste your money on the storage facilities. Every big city is expensive. NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the world! Every dollar is quite important!

  • Find a new job before you become newcomers in a big city.

    At least arrange several interviews to attend after you relocate. It’s true that there are a lot more chances for a good job in a big city, but the good jobs are not waiting for you. And the life is very expensive in a metropolis. Don’t let yourself spend all of your savings, you never know when shall you gonna need it!

  • Do the research and pick the neighborhood where you’d like to move to.

    Particularly if you have a family. Learn where is the best for newcomers with family to relocate to in a big city. What neighborhood has the most parks, where are the best and the most affordable schools etc.

You'll need to blend in as newcomers in a big city, find the NYC neighborhood where it will be the easiest for you
Choose the best NYC neighborhood to where you would easily blend in as newcomers in a big city
  • Find the housing prior to your moving day.

    It’s very difficult to find an affordable and decent place in the City of Gotham. Especially if you chose some neighborhood where you’d like to move to. Start the search months before you move, and wait for the right chance.

How to adjust as newcomers in a big city?

You will be a newcomer after moving to a big city, but you don’t want everybody to realize that the moment they see you. After all, that will be your new home city, don’t start the life there as a stranger! Here’s what we suggest you should do:

  • Visit the new city as a tourist. Check on the most important places. See the lifestyle. Find out how much money you need to survive the day. Find out the way people live. You shall need it after you move. And, perhaps, you’ll realize that kind of life is not for you. It’s better to realize that as a tourist than as a newcomer in a big city.
  • If you don’t know the language, learn it! This is absolutely the most important thing to do, before everything else! Including the local slang.
  • Get the map and learn how to get to the most important parts of the city. Your home isn’t a place you don’t know, right?
  • Learn how to use the public transportation. You’ll need it every day.
  • Join the community. Become a member of a sports fan club, or church, or anything else you might be into. This shall help you get some new friends.
  • Meet your neighbors and your neighborhood. To become a non-stranger you should act like a local! Knowing your neighborhood and your neighbors help with that.
  • Don’t lose contact with your family and friends from your previous home. You’ll have some great and tough times you’ll want to share with them, don’t underestimate this!

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