Tips for planning a going-away party before moving

Moving comes with many strings attached. Of course, it is time, money and energy-consuming process when you think about all the packing, transferring your belongings, looking for a new house and for some reliable movers. But, what about leaving your comfort zone and everything you are familiar with? And what about leaving everybody you love? Well, that is the hardest part of any moving experience. The time when you have to bid farewell to all your family members, colleagues, neighbors, and your closest friends is the toughest. That is why you should have a proper goodbye even if you are moving short-distance. So, if you need some tips for planning a going away party before moving, keep on reading.

Start Early and Chill

With all the stress that comes with moving a house, you do not need to stress out when planning a going away party. And the best way to avoid planning-related stress is to start with the preparations ahead of time. Two or three weeks will be more than enough. You will have plenty of time to send invitations, decide on the location, date, guest list, menu, music and anything you desire. Yes, all of this can be achieved in a couple of days as well, but why stress out? Just take your time, and take it easy. This should be a fun and memorable event! Bear in mind that if you plan on moving abroad, you will not have much time to spare for a party. In that case, it is of key importance to be well-organized.

A woman planning a going away party.
Before you start with planning a going away party, put everything on the list. That is the best way to stay organized.

The Location and Date

It goes without saying that before inviting your guests, you must first decide on the location and the date of your going away party. When it comes to the date, consider a couple of days before your moving company like U. Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn comes and relocates all your belongings. It will be difficult to organize a going away party in an empty house. Moreover, check the weather forecast. If possible, choose a sunny day. In case you were planning to have a barbecue, rainy days will ruin everything.

And when it comes to location, well, again, you have many options. If your belongings are already relocated, and you already sold your home, the only option you have left is to book some other location. You can all go to your favorite bar, a restaurant or even a bowling alley. Or you can try to book some of those specially designed places for parties. The choice is all yours! However, if possible, try planning a going away party in your own home. That way, you will save much-needed money and have one last party in your old home.

Guest List and Party Invitations Are a Must When Planning a Going Away Party

When it comes to moving a house, first you have to estimate the total cost of your relocation. Then, when you see how much money you have left, decide on your guest list and invitations. Of course, if your budget is small, your guest list should be small too. Invite only those closest to you, like best friends and family members. However, if your budget is bigger, then go big! Organize a going away party that everybody will remember. Invite everybody you fancy. Include all your friends, family members, neighbors, and colleagues. Then, think about party invitations. As they are a crucial part of planning a going away party, you should do the following:

  • Send the party invitations early – If possible send them at least two or three weeks before the party.
  • Choose between digital or paper invitations – Digital invitations are a much cheaper and easier option. Just send an e-mail or an SMS to all your guests. However, if you want this party to be special, and you have extra time, money and artistic inspiration, then send everybody a paper invitation. It will be appreciated.
  • Request confirmation – It is of key importance to request confirmation from all your guests. You need to know the exact number of people attending the party in order to prepare for the event.

How to Make a Going Away Party Memorable

Life is short, and each party should be memorable. The same goes when planning a going away party. You must do everything in your power to prepare well for the occasion. You will never live in this same home again, and who knows when will you see all these people again. So, this is how to throw an amazing and memorable going away party.

Get party decorations

These are cheap and easy to find. You can buy them at your local supermarket or stationery shop. Or, go to the dollar store an shop like crazy. Party decorations do not take up much of your space, so when you are done with them you can store your belongings in an affordable storage unit together with the rest of the stuff, or simply throw them away.

party balloons
Do not forget to buy balloons! They make every event better.

Choose a party theme

Your theme does not have to be ‘going-away’. Make it something fun. For example, if you are moving to England, try to incorporate some English details like tea and fish and chips. Or if you are moving to Texas, have a wild west party theme.

Buy champagne

Having a party without champagne is a big NO-NO! Without it, it will not even be a party. So, when planning a going away party, do not forget to buy champagne.

people drinking
Mix the champagne with different flavors to spice things up.

Play games

Again, do something fun, different and memorable. Do not just invite people for eating and drinking. You can, for example, rent a karaoke machine and have a blast while singing. Or you can buy some other fun games at the dollar store or stationery shop.

Play some music

Your home should be filled with music and laughter. Is there a better way to say goodbye to everything and everybody?

Make a farewell speech

There is no need to prepare your speech in advance. After all, you are saying goodbye to your closest friends and family. Just rely on your improvisational skills, thank everybody for coming and promise to stay in touch. Then, start planning a housewarming party, and tell everybody that they are invited.

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