Tips for handling disputes with landlords

Disputes with tenants/landlords are rare, but they happen. If you decide to rent an apartment as a tenant, or you will become a landlord, handling disputes with landlords is a thing to know – how to do it and how to protect yourself. A tenancy agreement should not be your only course of action. Yes, it is the main document between you and your landlord, but there are some other things you should know about.

Handling disputes with landlords – tips

If you want to organize your new home you must ask your landlord first if those projects are big. You probably know that, but there are many other things that may make you some problems and disputes. So, here are some tips for you on how to handle those disputes and to solve problems you may have in the future as a tenant.

Persons handling disputes with landlords.
Don’t argue with your landlord. Try to meet face to face and to find a solution for the problem

Of course, prevention is better than cure, you should better avoid any type of disputes in the first place. Keeping abreast of the latest changes to housing laws, for example, and notifying a landlord about home changes, will help you have peace of mind. In case, something went wrong and you have to deal with the law. If you are moving out, for example, clean your apartment when moving out and leave a home as it was when you moved in.

  • Stay calm – maybe this is the biggest problem to people, to just stay calm. Be friendly and try to resolve problems in peace and try to make an agreement between you and your landlord. Meet up face to face to discuss the problem in order to try and find a solution.
  • Keep records and all the documents from the moment a dispute is filed. Document everything, so you won’t have a problem proving something. If you are a landlord, keep a file on each tenant.
  • Hire a professional mediator to help you out. A professional has experience with these types of problems. Also, consider hiring a specialist solicitor who regularly deals with landlord and tenancy law if you need to go to court.
A man signing tenancy agreement.
Before signing your tenancy agreement, read it a couple of times so you will know all the rules. What is allowed and forbidden? And what things can make you some problems


Depending on your landlord (and your too), disputes can solve easily or you can end up in court. Handling disputes with landlords may solve very fast, without any problems if you meet face to face and be ready to talk it through. By knowing the law you can avoid any type of disputes and of course if you read your lease.

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