Tips and tricks for packing your formal clothes for storage

Packing takes time and energy. Besides that, you need to know how to pack items properly. If you have rented a storage unit, it is a perfect way to declutter your home, including your closet. But, packing your formal clothes for storage is a little bit different from packing ordinary clothing.

Tips for packing your formal clothes for storage

If you are storing formal clothes for the first time, you probably need some tips to follow. After finding the right type of storage or creating more storage space in your home, you need to know how to keep all your formal shoes and clothing safe and prevent it. Here is a simple guide that may help you with this process.

Walk-in closet.
Make more space in your closet and your bedroom by storing formal clothes you don’t use now

Have dry, dark, and cool storage

First, you need to have the right storage place. A dark, dry, and cool environment are great for your formal clothes. Light can cause fading in your fabrics, extreme temperature changes can damage your clothes as well as humidity. Climate-control storage units can be one of the options.

Get rid of unwanted items

Sell or donate clothes you do not wear anymore (if they are in good condition). You can do it when you pack clothes for moving or for storage – it does not matter. Packing items you do not need will take you more time and money because you need more packing material and a bigger storage place. And all that for nothing.

Wash everything

Before start packing your formal clothes for storage, wash everything and make it is dry completely. This will maintain the longevity of all the clothes you are storing, not only your formal clothes. If you skip this step, mold and mildew will make damages you do not want to.

Avoid vacuum bags

Vacuum bags will save a lot of space, but they may damage your clothes, unfortunately. When packing clothes and shoes for storage, do not use them. Storing items on a long-term in vacuum bags is a big NO.

packing your formal clothes for storage
Formal clothes are delicate and special that is why they require a special treatment

Use plastic bins

Cardboard boxes or plastic bags are affordable, but on the other hand, clothing is vulnerable to damage if you use these packing supplies for storing formal clothes. They can be used when moving, but not when storing because of mold and mildew. A better and long-term solution is plastic bins. Keep clothes safe from pests, water, humidity, and dust with plastic bins.

Keep bugs out

Use packing supplies for bugs. Mothballs do not smell good, but it is not the only option you have. For example, cedar chips will keep the pests away too.


After packing your formal clothes for storage in the right boxes, take inventory and label everything. This will make your storage space more organized. Label each box and do not pack summer and winter clothes together. It will just make a mess. You can also use color coordinated inventory – a specific color for different types of clothing.

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