How to throw a housewarming party after relocation

There are many reasons to throw a housewarming party after you move into your new home. First, a party will help you relieve that moving anxiety that’s been with you for the past couple of months. Second, your friends and family probably expect one. Third, you get to show off your cool new place. Most importantly, you’ll make everyone happy. If you lack ideas or think you’ll forget something important, keep reading this brief guide.

There is no reason to rush

Perhaps, you are too exhausted from moving and the last thing you need is more work. Maybe, you can’t wait to let off some steam and celebrate with your loved ones. Whatever the case, slow down. A housewarming party is just the icing on the cake. There are a million other things on your post-move to-do list before planning a party. First, you need to buy and place furniture, unpack your belongings, declutter once again, do some repairs if needed, decorate, update your address (if you haven’t already), etc. Then, you can take a few days for yourself, to rest and just enjoy the new place.

Make a guest list

Now that you are well-rested and ready to organize a housewarming party, you can start by making a guest list. Some people prefer a small group of closest friends, while others have nothing against inviting a bunch of strangers over. This is up to you. Throwing a housewarming party is a great opportunity to meet your new neighbors or get to know your new coworkers better. But how big is your place? Perhaps it can’t fit too many people. Is there an alternative, like a spacious backyard? These are some of the things to take into consideration.

Two girls planning to throw a housewarming party sitting on a bed using their phone to invite guests
This is not a formal event – you can invite guests over the phone/internet, or just tell them in person.

Keep the fragiles and valuables safe

If you pack fragile items in sturdy containers before moving (as you should), do not unpack them until the party is over, unless you have to. For example, you can unpack the plastic bowls but keep the glass ones in their box. Using paper plates and plastic cups could also be a smart decision. Of course, this may not be necessary – it depends on how wild your parties usually get.

The same goes for valuable items. Even if you can’t wait to display your favorite expensive vase in your new home, remember that accidents happen. In addition, keeping the valuables away is recommended if many guests are coming, especially if you don’t know all of them. Also, you may not want to unpack your carpets until after the party because they are not that easy to clean.

Clean your home before you throw a housewarming party

We hope you remembered to clean your new place before moving in. Still, you need to clean it once again after you finish with all the repairs and unpack your boxes. There might be some packing supplies left lying around. Trash and laundry gotta go, too. Get everything that should not be there out of the way and start scrubbing. You want your new home to look its best.

People with drinks in their hands
Notify your landlord/roommates/other tenants before you throw a housewarming party.

Pick the right food

Crackers and cheese are a cheap and popular party snack. You can also get away with nuts, chips, or candy. However, if you like cooking or you want a more grown-up menu, we suggest appetizers such as spring rolls and fritters, mini pizzas, mini hot-dogs, etc. Everything should be bite-sized so your guests can move around and mingle.

Another popular option is hosting a potluck. Tell your guests to bring either an appetizer, a main dish or a dessert, making sure there is enough of everything.

And, of course, drinks

Pillows on the floor and on a couch
If there isn’t enough seating, borrow a few extra chairs or lay down some floor pillows.

If you want to throw a housewarming party, but you’ve spent too much money on relocation, ask your guests to bring their own booze. This is actually quite common. Your guests know how much movers cost – they will understand. Just buy a few bottles of beer or wine and some sodas in case someone does not drink alcohol. Or, you can prepare a popular cocktail like sangria or mimosas.

Be creative with the decor

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on decoration. In fact, you don’t have to decorate your home at all to throw an epic housewarming party. But, if you still want to add a nice touch to your party, you might consider some colorful napkins, cups and plates, balloons, candles or string lights. Just pick a color theme and release your creativity.

You can’t throw a housewarming party without music

You have various options here.

  • If you have time, create a playlist the day before throwing a housewarming party or find one on the internet.
  • Try to feel the mood at the party and create the playlist spontaneously.
  • You can let your guests be the DJs and play the songs they want to hear on your computer.
  • If one of you plays the guitar, for example, that is a great alternative as well.
  • Make it a karaoke night, why not?

Just make sure your neighbors know about the party in advance and they are ok with it. You don’t want any noise complaints.

Give your guests a tour of the house

Your guests will want to see the whole place, not just the living room. Show them around, even if your new home is small. Now that you have made the place your own, you should share it with your favorite people. Hopefully, they will bring you a gift, like a plant or a photo frame, to make your new space look even warmer.

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