Thrill seeker’s guide to Cocoa Beach, FL

Looking to spend time in Cocao Beach? Well, the place has it all. it is a perfect spot to have a taste of the best things Florida has to offer. One thing is certain here and that is that you won’t be bored in Cocoa Beach. It is a great place to have an adventure and some unforgettable fun. To help you out we created this short thrill seeker’s guide to Cocoa Beach so you can relax and enjoy your stay.

Cocoa Beach the destination

This place is one of the best places you can choose to move to, visit or live in. Located on the shores of Florida just an hour’s drive from Orlando it offers crystal blue seas and pearl white sands. With its great temperature, it is a great place to rest and relax. However, spending time here offers much more as this is a place packed with activities and things to do. Some of the best and most beautiful attractions are located here. At the same time, some of the best amenities were built to increase the attractiveness of the area.

Cocoa beach at sunset
Enjoy the sand and ocean in this Florida paradise

It is worth noting that the place offers a lot of attractions and is much more affordable that Daytona or Miami beach in Florida. As such it is a magnet for not only visitors to the area. many people visiting here decide to stay for good. So, if you decide to stay make sure to find the right local movers to help you with moving in.

So, let’s see what are the main attractions of the area. These should make the list of any thrill seeker’s guide to Cocoa Beach.

  • Beaches boardwalks and bars
  • Have fun on air rides
  • Enjoy the Cocoa Beach Areal Adventure
  • Visit Golf and Gator
  • Go kayaking
  • Visit Port Canaveral

Beaches boardwalks and bars

One of the main selling points of Cocoa Beach is the beaches and surf. This is the surf capital of the US and as such it offers plenty of thrills with surfing culture and waves that are just perfect. This is a place made for water adventure and activities.

You can visit Lori Wilson Park which offers an unprecedented feel for the area. The park combines both dunes and the ocean. You have the option of hiking all day and enjoying some fun and adventure on dry land or taking up surfing on some of the best beaches in Florida.

Cocoa Beach Pier
Enjoy some fun activities on a Cocoa Beach Pier

Another popular destination is the Cocoa Beach Pier. This pier stretches deep into the Atlantic Ocean and is a world-famous attraction. It offers some unparalleled attractions and activities. You can have a great dining experience in a restaurant on the power or have a fun time at the bar. There are some great gift shops and live music on the pier also. At the same time, it offers fresh showers, the best volleyball courts, and some of the greatest surfing on the coast.

Air rides

Any thrill seeker’s guide to Cocoa Beach must include air tours of the area. You can easily leas a plane or a helicopter with a pilot for an unprecedented tour of the area. You can have a bird’s eye look at Cocoa Beach and this whole area. This air ride offers some fun and an adrenaline rush that is unparallel to any other attraction.

Areal adventure

Have an adrenaline rush in a unique adrenalin park in Cocoa Beach. This areal adventure suspends you high in the tree lines and presents you with a thrilling challenge course. It offers three levels of difficulty on seven different trails. In 2022 this adventure incorporates the Zipdrop a jump into the unknown. This ultimate adrenaline challenge is great for any thrill seeker.

Golf and Gator

To experience fun for the whole family you can visit this exciting mini-golf course. The course is located in a Gator habitat. So, you can a fun and adventurous day with your family. Enjoy seeing, feeding, and even holding alligators. You can have an adventure on the Gator Mountain obstacle course and beautiful landscapes. Or if you wish you can simply enjoy a day of golfing in this beautiful area of Cocoa Beach.

Person in a kayak which is one of the things listed in the Thrill seeker's guide to Cocoa Beach
Kayaking is one of the more adventurous activities you can find and enjoy in Cocoa Beach


Cocoa Beach also offers an unprecedented adventure on the water. You can have a thrilling time exploring and enjoying the beautiful nature of the area. Take up kayaking during the day in the diverse ecosystem of the area to explore the diverse nature and its beauty. You also have the option of taking a nighttime bioluminescent kayaking tour to explore the area.

Port Canaveral

You can have a lot of memorable moments if you take on the adventure that is Port Canaveral. You can pay a visit to the Exploration Tower. This is a one-of-a-kind architectural landmark created to provide both fun and adventure. On seven floors this center offers a lot of information and education about the wildlife, nature, and history of the area. It is also host to many special events and meetings regarding the port Canaveral area. At the same time, it presents you with one of a kind panoramic view of the area and the nearby Kenedy Center. This place offers an unparalleled adventure to every member of the family.

Moving to Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach is much more than only a place to visit and a mere tourist attraction. Many people fall in love with everything it has to offer. If you are considering a move here make sure to prepare well about your options. Once you set a date try to hire müv | Trusted Florida Movers to handle your relocation. With their help, your move will be a breeze and easy to handle.

In conclusion

Florida is a magnet for all those that like great weather, nature, and the ocean. Cocoa Bach stands out here as one of the best places to visit and live in. This thrill seeker’s guide to Cocoa Beach can be enough to get you to start thinking about visiting or moving here. There are plenty of things to see and experience here so don’t hesitate.

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