Things to do on a moving day

When planning on relocating somewhere, you must know that there are lots of things to do on a moving day. You must do this if you want to have a successful move. So, make sure to check everything out from packing to planning.

You see, when it comes to moving day itself, preparation is the only thing that can help you get through this nightmare. And if you aren’t ready for this mission properly, then you’ll be overwhelmed and exhausted. But, when you take care of this on time, you won’t have any problems during the big day. So, learn how to organize yourself, how to properly load a moving truck, and how to prepare your new home for moving in, and everything will be just fine.

Man Carrying Boxes - Things to do on a moving day
There are many things to do on a moving day.

Things to do on a moving day – Get up early

Moving day is the busiest and most important day of your relocation. So, be up early, fresh, and rested, so that you have plenty of time before the Gibraltar Van Lines New Jersey movers arrive. You’ll need a lot of energy for this day. Therefore, go to bed as early as possible the night before. Try to get a decent sleep.

Pack the last of your items

One of the things to do on a moving day, after you get up, is to pack everything that is still out of the boxes. Like – the items you used in the night and morning. Everything else should already be properly packed and ready to go. Then, your movers will be taking care of the transport of household goods. Remember to pack all the items you’re going to need during the transport and immediately after arriving in a new home in a separate first-night box. That box should travel with you.

Take lots of photos

You’ll benefit from taking photos. They will remind you of your old life, and your big moving adventure. But they will also:

  • Be proof of the current condition of your belongings and the condition you’re leaving your old home in. With these photos, you’ll be unpacking like a pro 101.
  • Serve as a proof of the final meter readings.
  • Help you reconnect appliances and electronics, and reassemble furniture after the move.

Ensure moving day safety

You need to take the necessary precautionary measures to avoid injuries and accidents. It’s one of the most important things to do on moving day. Make it safe and easy for the movers to do their job:

  • Reserve a close home parking place for the moving truck.
  • Clear the way from obstacles. 
  • Provide enough free space for the movers to maneuver.
  • Reserve an elevator for the time of your relocation.

Also, you have to:

  • Protect your property against damage. So, cover floors and carpets, wrap banisters and protect door frames.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Keep kids and pets out of harm’s way. 

Do everything you can to ensure the safety of your loved ones, your movers, and, of course, yourself.

Moving Box
Secure the safety of your items, movers, and yourself.

Other things to do on a moving day

  • Meet the movers
  • Be kind and considerate to the moving crew
  • Double-check for forgotten items
  • Provide directions and contact information
  • Clean and secure the old home

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