Things to do in Mesquite NV

When you think about Nevada your first association is usually Vegas, but the state has so much more to offer. Just an hour’s drive from Vegas there is a small picturesque historical town of Mesquite. Close to the major highways and in a beautiful region, it has become a tourist attraction. Although secluded, the town draws in a lot of tourists and it has developed its entertainment potentials. So, lets research all of the things to do in Mesquite.


The town is situated between the tourism and entertainment hubs of Las Vegas and St. George, making it an attractive and a bit remote location. This fact has led to the town developing a lot from its historical days of a farming community. Mesquite is not really the first association to Nevada but it really has to offer much of the things that can recommend Nevada as the perfect state for families with kids.

The town’s location is in a picturesque and beautiful area of the Virgin River Valley. The weather is warm and dry all year round making it perfect for outdoor activities and adventures. With its natural beauty and wide expanses, it has a great adventure tourism potential. It is also close to national and state parks making. All of this and the fact that the movers here are reliable and professional is ideal for anyone deciding to move there. The town has a rich offer as it can present:

  • Art and cultural offer to be experienced
  • 24-hour entertainment industry
  • Spa, Golfing, and tennis
  • Outdoor adventure and nature hikes

    Stone formation in the Mesquite desert.
    Mesquite has wide expanses of untainted nature with plenty to do and experience. Adventure tourism potential is great.

Art and culture

The Virgin Valley museum tells a story of the origins of the town from the time of the first settlers and their farming days. It hosts exhibits of antiques from the rime and a picture and old book gallery. Mesquite is also home to a fine arts center and gallery. Owned by the Artists associations, the gallery is host to exhibits from local artists and craftsmen. Anything from painted canvases to ceramics as well as other artistic creations. The gallery also hosts art classes and workshops all year round.


Several luxury hotels in Mesquite offer a 24-hour entertainment opportunity. Form gambling in renowned casinos to shows, concerts, and all-day music and dancing, they can offer anything you desire. Premium restaurants offer an unparalleled upscale dining experience. The river Lounge in the Virgin River Hotel offers a live show with a high – energy western feel and atmosphere. So here are indeed many things to do in Mesquite.

A woman enjoying a massage as this is one of the things to do in Mesquite.
You don’t have to do anything but rest, relax, and enjoy everything that Mesquite has to offer.

Golf, spa, and tennis

The town is well known for its premium desert Golf courses. The town also offers full-service tennis courts. Visitors and tourists can have a great experience in local hotel spas in the town. You can always tackle other sports and you will never be bored with so many things to do in Mesquite. 

Outdoor adventure

With its location in the desert, Mesquite offers a pallet of outdoor activities and adventures. Virgin River Canyon is a recreation area that can offer any form of outdoor adventure. You can choose anything from hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking. At the same time, you can decide to go tubing, rafting, or even paragliding and skydiving as your preferred adventure.

So, Mesquite has almost anything to offer to anyone coming to Nevada. Many tend to move to Mesquite using professional local companies like  and exploit all it has to offer. The city is attracting many newcomers with all of its potentials, location, and weather.

Mesquite can certainly satisfy many of the criteria when deciding to move to another city. It is a great city to live in but it has a great offer for tourists as well. Those just visiting, find the town’s offer rich and satisfying. With everything it has to offer, they are in for a lot of fun and relaxation. So, relax and choose what suits you best out of all the things to do in Mesquite.

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