Things to do and see in Kendall, FL

Kendall is a suburban neighborhood located in Miami-Dade County. It is perfect for people who prefer to live in quiet, peaceful surroundings. If you are about to visit or move here, we have written a short guide on things to do and see in Kendall, FL.

Even though it might not be as exciting as downtown Miami, there are many things you can do to have fun here. Most locals say that they enjoy the quaint, peaceful charm that is present in Kendall. People who live here are middle-class families since there are many good schools in this neighborhood.

In fact, many people decide to move to Kendall from central Miami neighborhoods so that they can live in safe and peaceful surroundings. In this case, it is best if you hire a local moving company like Or more precisely, you need a moving company that can transport your belongings to Kendall quickly and affordably. Let’s take a look at what these things may be.

Playing golf is one of the things to do and see in Kendall, FL

Since it is such a green and peaceful neighborhood, Kendall is the perfect place to practice your golf technique. The good news is that renting golf courses in Kendall, FL is much, much cheaper than in the surrounding areas. So, for a tiny fee of around $45, you can find a well-kept and trimmed 18-hole golf course. So, roll up your sleeves and head on down to Kendall, FL for a day of intense golf.

A young man playing golf
Playing golf is very affordable in this Miami neighborhood.

You can play pool in Kendall, FL

You should definitely enjoy Kendall’s small-town charm by visiting different places that exist here. Visiting such places as arcades to play a game of pool with your family and friends will familiarize you with the Kendall way of life. You might even make friends with the locals right after you move here, which is what living in Kendall is all about – being a good and friendly neighbor.

Most people that move to Kendall do so because of the congenial, homely atmosphere that is the trademark of this neighborhood. And if you decide to stay here for good, be sure to hire a local moving crew that knows its way around Kendall, FL.

So, our suggestion is to head on down to Sharp Shooters Billiards and play a few rounds of pool, darts, or any other game that is to your liking.

Get your geek on

But why limit yourself to pool when you can visit the famous Arcade Odyssey in Kendal, FL. If you are even remotely interested in games, anime, arcades, etc, then this is the place for you. If not, visiting this amazing and fun place at least once is a must.

A girl playing games
Arcades are a great way to have fun in Kendall, FL.

The reason why Arcade Odyssey is among the top things to do and see in Kendall, FL is because it is almost like entering a time-capsule. You will get the opportunity to play decades-old pinball machines, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, and other classic arcade games. But, the fun does not stop there. You can also buy strange Japanese candy in this arcade which is undeniably very radical!

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