Things no one tells you about leaving Texas

If you are thinking of leaving Texas, but you do not know what to expect once you move from his state, then you are in the right place. Here, in this article, you will be able to find some of the most common and most interesting things that no one tells you when you are moving from Texas to a different state.

Barbecue in Texas is the best

First, you have to know that there is no barbecue like in Texas. The food from other states cannot be compared to it. Consequently, you will miss the Texas barbecue all the time.

People from other places will expect to see you dressed differently after leaving Texas

When you move from Texas to some other place, the people who live there will expect you to dress differently. Surely, at first, they will be very confused if you are not wearing cowboy hats and boots. These things are a part of the culture, of course, but nowadays the majority of people live in cities. Because of that, not many people are wearing these boots and cats like in the old times. However, people from other states will find it strange at first, for it does not go with their expectations.

A cowboy on a horse.
When you move from Texas, other people will expect you to dress like a cowboy.

Others will expect you to act in a certain manner after leaving Texas

Just like some will be surprised if they see you without wearing hats and boots that are a characteristic of people from Texas, others will also expect to see you have a gun with you all the time. If they see you without a horse also, they will be shocked.

People who live in other places are not so kind

When you leave Texas, you will be surprised by the fact that not many people from other states are so kind as the people in Texas. Yes, this can be strange and seem cold, but you will get used to it eventually after moving to a new place.

San Antonio

This city has to offer many things to all people who love history and Latin culture. It has many tourists. Moreover, it is known for vintage trolleys and buses. In addition, in San Antonio, you can try many kinds of delicious food. This city has many museum attractions. In one of them, you can see how the first people who came to America lived. And, there is the San Antonio Museum of Art. In this museum, people have a chance to see Egyptian sculptures as well as objects from the local culture. There is a Market Square in the city center where visitors can hear music. Moreover, there are Botanical gardens with many unique plants. In Japanese Tea Gardens, people can see many interesting stone structures. Also, there is a Witte museum with many paintings and sculptures from San Antonio’s past. Interestingly, there is also space where kids can play while their parents enjoy looking at the paintings. And there is San Antonio Zoo that is an ideal place for family fun. As you can see, San Antonio has decent options in many fields. After leaving it, you will miss all of its magic.

You will miss San Antonio after leaving Texas.
San Antonio is a beautiful city that you will miss when you move from Texas.

Other places seem so small

Yes, other places can also be very big, but compared to Texas, they will look small at first to you. It will take you much less time to get to someplace, especially in your car. If you are from Houston or have lived there for some time, you will understand this perfectly when you move from it.


This city is enormous. It is also the most populated city in this state. People who are visiting it often always discover something new and fun to do. There is Buffalo Bayou Park. It has many dog parks and playgrounds. Moreover, it is perfect for people who live walking a lot for it has miles of walking trails. In addition, there are also cycling trails of the same length. Interestingly, it has a Waugh Bat colony that numbers thousands of bats. For the ones who are interested in history, there is a Houston Museum of Natural Science. People who visit it, especially the kids who go there with their parents, are amazed by sixty large skeletons.

Houston in Texas.
You will miss an enormous Houston when you move from Texas to a different state.

Also, there is a Discovery Green city park. It has to offer free yoga classes, storytimes for small kids, concerts, and movie nights. As you can see, it is a very urban place. It also has free Wifi. Then, we have a Downtown Aquarium. This place in Houston is just perfect for people who love marine life. Of course, children are always excited to visit it and see the sharks. In addition, it has rides, restaurants, and shops. Cockrell Butterfly Center is an amazing place in Houston. There is also a Hines Waterwall Park. The place where people usually take their children is the Houston Zoo. And, we have to mention Space Center Houston. Definitely, it is one of the top attractions in this huge city. If you settle down in a completely new state, you will miss all of these places.

People will be surprised if you do not speak with an accent after leaving Texas

When you meet new people in a different state, you should know that they can be surprised if you are not talking with an accent. They are used to see people from Texas speak in their accent in movies and tv shows. Of course, some do speak like that indeed, but not all people. In addition, everyone will expect you to love the Cowboys football team.

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