The ultimate guide to moving and settling down in Oakville, Ontario

Is it time to move to a different city in Canada? Relocation is a big step in life and one of the biggest changes. If you are considering moving and settling down in Oakville, ON, and previously never have been lived there before, it may be scary at first. Because of the unknown.

Oakville is a town, located in southern Ontario with a population of almost 195,000 and it is the largest town in ON. At the same time, it is one of the most densely populated areas of CA. There you will meet Arabs, South Asians, Filipino, Latin Americans, Koreans, etc. But, the majority are European Canadians (about 68% of the total population).

It has 13 neighborhoods and every one of them is different and unique. Where you will move to depends on your priorities and your lifestyle. There are plenty of places to consider when moving to Canada, and Oakville is definitely a place to consider as your future home.

Explore Oakville before you move there

Moving to Oakvile, ON with ease

How to prepare for moving to Oakville and to do it like a pro? Even if you are moving for the first time?

The main two options are to move all your belongings to Oakville by yourself or to hire professional movers. If you are moving long-distance, you should better hire a moving company. Get the help you need in the area and move with ease. Without any stress.

But, if you choose to move with a moving company, do research and hire the best one for your Oakville relocation. Ask for recommendations, read online moving reviews, choose a couple of companies, and then compare them. What types of moving services they offer and for what price? Book a moving company early and be organized.

If you choose to move by yourself, make sure you have all the right equipment and a good moving vehicle. There is an option to rent a moving van or a truck. It is a cheaper option, but if you don’t have any experience of driving and moving, you should not do it. Because of safety reasons.

Set a moving budget

Before moving to Ontario, prepare the budget and know how much money can you spend. You will need some for hiring professionals to do your packing, transportationa and unpacking in Oakville. Also, think about the costs you will have after moving too. Transportation won’t be the only thing you need to pay. There is rent, transferring documents, a new school for your kids, utilities, etc. Always be prepared for some additional moving costs, because anything can happen.

Packing for your upcoming relocation

Packing is part of moving that cannot be avoided. At the same time, it takes most of the time (and energy), especially if you are moving with a large family to Ontario.

When it comes to packing and moving furniture, if you know the measurements of your new home, then pack only the furniture that can fit in. Don’t waste time and money on packing things that cannot be used after moving. Keep in mind that your moving costs will mostly depend on the size and weight of your items, so if you want to save money, pack fewer items when moving and settling down in Oakville.

When it comes to packing clothes, you will need both – summer and winter clothing. You will experience all 4 seasons when living in Oakville.

If you don’t have time to pack or you don’t know how to do it properly and fast enough, let professionals do it for you. Hire the best Number 1 Movers in Canada and you will move without any stress.

Pros and cons of moving and settling down in Oakville

Why should you move to Oakville, Ontario? What this town has to offer you? On the other hand, every place has cons too – nothing is perfect.

The pros

The benefits of living in Oakville are:

  • Oakville has many natural beauties such as parks and lakes. This will make you spend more time outside, exploring. If you are moving with a dog to Oakville, don’t worry, it has dog-friendly parks and places too. You may be more active after moving here.
  • Home prices are affordable, comparing to other cities in Ontario. Moving and settling down in Oakville may be more affordable than you think. Toronto is near, but the difference between prices in these two cities is huge.
  • Before moving here, check the weather conditions especially if you are moving long-distance. It is one of the places with the best weather in Canada because winters are not that cold and long, and summers are easy to handle.
Lake in Ontario.
This area of Ontario has plenty of beautiful natural places where you can spend your free time

The cons

You need to be prepared for everything after moving and to know what to expect. SO, these are the cons of living in Oakville:

  • Some people commute to Toronto from Oakville and that is one of the cons because there are more job opportunities in Toronto. Commuting every day may be exhausting, especially when the traffic situation is crazy.
  • Oakville nightlife is not that rich as it is in Toronto, for instance. Many people are leaving town for the weekend to have fun.

Things to do after moving to Oakville

Although Oakville doesn’t have a lot of night clubs, it has other things to offer. After you introduce yourself to new neighbors it is time to explore the city and to see what it has to offer.

Google maps.
After moving, don’t be in the house all the time, go outside and explore

After moving and settling down in Oakville, spend time researching and relaxing. Spend the day in a park, learn about the history of golf, play a round, watch the canoe regatta, research old Oakville, visit museums, festivals, go on hike, shop, dine, go to the mall, enjoy the beach, etc.

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