The most beautiful small towns of Maine

When you think about Maine, you should know that there are so many reasons why this state should be your home. And if you want to move here, you have to prepare for a new lifestyle. You see, that’s no wonder especially if you are planning to move into some of the most beautiful small towns of Maine. For example, if you decide to relocate somewhere inland, you will have limitless opportunities for outdoor adventures. The same thing and even better opportunities of activities you can find on the coastline towns also.

Reasons why Maine is a perfect place for starting a new life

The state is quite spectacular and scenic. Regardless of what town you choose to live in, you won’t be disappointed. In the heart of Maine, there are lots of ski resorts where people of all ages can spend their time at. It has excellent locations if you want to find cross-country ski trails and snowshoeing. Apart from that, in Maine, there are also lakes where you can experience a variety of activities. And perhaps, the best reason why you should move to this place is the beaches. The long coastline has plenty of sweet coastal towns at your disposal.

When it comes to housing, you can find the right one for an affordable price. So, if you want to get ready for this adventure, learn how to save money for your upcoming relocation. Make sure to organize the entire process on time, so you can start enjoying Maine as soon as possible.

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First, find out why should you relocate to Maine.

The most beautiful small towns of Maine

Since you decided to become a Maine resident, you need to know how to prepare properly for this mission. It takes plenty of time to select the right town and to organize the big move. You see, it is not easy to pack your bags to go someplace you don’t know anything about. Because of that, you should consider everything you need to get ready. So, with that in mind, whatever involves this relocating project, you can get on locations comparable to and other similar. But when it comes to picking the location, here are some places in Maine you might check out:

  • Kennebunkport
  • Bar Harbor
  • Ogunquit
  • Cape Elizabeth
  • Sanford


A place in Maine that should check out is for sure Kennebunkport. It is situated in York County, and it is a quite popular destination for tourists and people that already live here. Kennebunkport is beautiful, small, and it is a great location for everyone who wants a peaceful life. So, if you want to move to this coastal community, you can find assistance just around the corner. Local movers will help you transfer your belongings in no time wherever you want within the town. 

So, apart from affordable housing, this town offers many activities at your disposal. You can enjoy boating trips and fishing. The area has many souvenir stores, galleries, and seafood restaurants. When it comes to the environment, you can find plenty of charming buildings, an amazing tiny village of Cape Porpoise, and a lonely lighthouse.

Bar Harbor is one of the most beautiful small towns in Maine

The next place you should consider moving to is Ben Harbor. You will find it on Mount Desert Island. If you want to become a resident, you will enjoy its lively arts scene, great shopping stores, and extremely well-dining options. Just like any other coastal town, Ben Harbor is perfect for exploring. You can do that thanks to many sightseeing cruises. 

Ogunquit is one of the most beautiful small towns of Maine.
Ogunquit is a small community with beautiful beaches.


So, Ogunquit is a town that has so many things to offer to residents and tourists as well. Even though it is small, it is a great option to relax and simply enjoy. Once you move here, the first thing you will be astonished by is the scenery. The coastal town is home to beautiful beaches where you loosen whenever you want. Art and museums are something you can’t miss in your exploration. Community is friendly oriented, and it doesn’t matter how old you are, you will be welcome.

In other words, if you are ready to relocate to Ogunquit, you should find a way to settle in with experts’ help. Select the moving date, use some local movers to assist you with the big project. 

Cape Elizabeth

Maine has another location you might want to consider. Cape Elizabeth is a small town that has many amazing things for you to experience. With that in mind, your job is to find out what they are so you can discover them when you become a resident. In Cape Elizabeth, get ready to see parks, attend events, and explore the area. The community offers many services when it comes to seniors, attractions, and activities. You can get job options, affordable housing, and friendly people.

Just learn how to pack for moving like a pro, and relocators will handle the rest. Let them do their job while you can focus on the town and beginning your life there.

Cape Elizabeth.
Cape Elizabeth is also one of the most beautiful small towns of Maine.


Sanford is one more location that should be on your list for checking out. It is small, and it is lots of things at your disposal. If you want to move here with your family, your kids will go to great schools. When it comes to spending time, you can do that in Sanford’s many trails, events, and other interesting places.

So, prepare for the relocation properly so you can become a resident of Sanford. Just remember things to do on a moving day, and everything will pass in no time.

Some other beautiful small towns of Maine you should consider

If you prefer coastal towns, here are some of the best places you should check out

  • Castine
  • Boothbay Harbor
  • Damariscotta
  • Stonington
  • Blue Hill

Amazing small towns on the land of Maine are

  • Greenville
  • Lincoln
  • Bingham
  • Unity
  • Avon

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