How to have a successful garage sale

One thing you need to do before moving your house is to declutter. Getting rid of the items you no longer need, especially when moving, is beneficial on many levels. First, you’ll make more space at both you old and then your new home. Next, you’ll have fewer items to pack for relocation, and last, but not least, you can significantly reduce the moving costs if you move only essentials. Therefore, be sure to go through your items and see what you don’t need anymore. You can always recycle broken or damaged items, and sell the items in good condition. To earn some money for your move, be sure to organize a successful garage sale. And here are the tips on how to do it.

See what you have

The first step in organizing a yard sale is going through your items and sorting them out. Even though this is the least interesting part, be sure to do it thoroughly and go through your closets, attic, basement, and all the spaces that include the items you rarely use. This is also very useful if you are packing for moving at the same time. Then, be sure to organize the items. The items you no longer need should be divided into two piles – throw away and sell. Next, remove the items that cannot be sold – dirty, broken or torn pieces that nobody wants to buy. Try recycling them, if possible. After you finish, you will be left with the pile of things you need to sell. However, if you think that this job is overwhelming, be sure to hire professionals like A Stress-Less Transition, LLC to help you out with decluttering and downsizing your home.

a variety of things on a successful garage sale
For a successful garage sale, choose the items you don’t need and organize them by type.

Choose the perfect date to have a successful garage sale

A good date is a job half done. People are more likely to visit garage sales at weekends, especially in the morning. Also, the beginning of the month is usually a time when people receive their salaries, so the first weekend in a month is the best option. Another important factor is the weather. Of course, you can’t be precisely sure about the weather. But, for a successful garage sale, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at the weather forecast and see if any bad weather is predicted on your desired date.

Think about a themed sale

Events with an idea attract more people. So if you have a lot of items of one kind, consider having a themed sale – dedicated to clothes only, books or technology items. Try to organize the items you need to get rid of before moving as well as you can.

Promotion is important for a successful garage sale

A successful garage sale means a lot of people know about it. Therefore, be sure to invest your time into advertising. There are many ways to do it. You can put up a sign around your neighborhood – not only in front of your home. Also, if you are connected with your neighbors on social networks, try creating an event on Facebook or dedicated posts to let the people know about your sale. Print out some fliers and spread the word among the people you know.

About garage sale signs

As we mentioned, it’s not enough to put up a sign in front of your house only. Be sure to put at least 15 signs around your neighborhood. Also, make them in bright colors and easy to read.

Gather the supplies

For a successful garage sale, you need to have everything to help the shoppers purchase items easily – and maybe spend more money than planned. You will need:

  • Shelves or tables – to display your items. Also, have a separate table for you and your money – sort of a checkout table.
  • A mirror or two – If you are selling clothes, some of the buyers may want to try on the items before the purchase.
  • Pricing equipment – markers, stickers, tape, scissors.
  • A calculator 
  • Extra batteries and extension cords, so buyers can try if an item is working.
  • Bags for the purchased items

According to the number of items you are selling, be sure to get enough of the garage sale supplies.

clothes rack
Be sure to prepare everything for a successful garage sale – let the buyers feel comfortable to try on and buy things.

Put a price on every item

Every item needs to be labeled and priced – to avoid confusion and unnecessary questions. Also, many people tend to simply walk away from an item instead of asking about the price. If you have a lot of items of the same price, group them and label the group instead of each item. Furthermore, be realistic about the pricing, because too expensive items will drive the buyers away.

Low offers are acceptable

Of course, you expect to sell your items at a higher price point. However, with every garage sale comes a bit of negotiating. It’s okay to accept lower offers – much better than being left with the items you don’t need.

Be enthusiastic

Every buyer could use some help with their purchase. If you see that someone is indecisive, help them out by telling them a story about the item they are looking at, and try to convince them why they should buy it. However, don’t be too pushy because it can drive the buyers away.

 Cash is the way to go

Garage sales can be busy, so sellers can be confused sometimes and accept any way of payment. However, you shouldn’t do it. Accept only cash, especially from the people you don’t know.

Have change

For a successful garage sale, you need to be prepared completely. This includes having enough change. Often, the items we are selling are quite cheap, so you would probably need a lot of small bills and coins. Prepare more – it’s better than losing a purchase because you don’t have enough money to make a change for the buyer.

cash in hands
Be sure to accept cash only – a successful garage sale includes no scams.

Create a positive atmosphere for a successful garage sale

Sometimes, the atmosphere in a shop makes us buy things more than we usually do. Same goes with yard sales. For a successful garage sale, be sure to create a shop-like environment. Be friendly and enthusiastic, turn on some music, offer some snacks and drinks.

Safety first

Even though it should be a friendly atmosphere, don’t be too relaxed about your garage sale. Remember, a successful garage sale is a safe sale. Secure your money and don’t let strangers into your home or garage.

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