Guide to subletting your house

What is home subletting and why people choose this option? What is the difference between renting a subletting and benefits from it? For all those questions, a guide to subletting your house is recommended and you will know how and why to do it.

Simply explained – subletting is when you rent a house from the property owner and then you sublet it to someone else, a new tenant. Some of the benefits are:

  • You don’t have to break your lease and to lose money, because breaking a lease will cost you.
  • Not having to pay for an empty house and by subletting you will cover some of your costs.
  • When subletting your house, you are having a built-in house sitter in case you find a trustworthy subtenant who will keep an eye on your things.
Giving house keys to new tenants when subletting your house.
Be prepared to sublet your house to new people

Guide to subletting your house

If you are moving on short notice and you don’t know what to do with your house, subletting is an option. But, before all that, you need to know how to prepare and what to do first in this case.

Guide to subletting your house.
Before you sublet your home, read a guide and you will know where to begin

Get permission

The first step is to ask your landlord for permission to sublet. You cannot do anything without permission, otherwise, you could be evicted. The best way is to get permission in writing, to have proof.

Weigh the risk

After getting the landlord’s permission, weigh the risk even if you own your home. You can be scammed and your home is open to potential theft and damage too. And you will be responsible for that. Don’t make this decision fast and without researching who will live there.

Find new tenants

The key is to find new tenants you can trust. First look among your friends and family, someone you already know. This way you won’t worry a lot about your house. If you don’t know anyone who needs a house, then reach out to a local university, church community, coworkers, etc.

Pack your items

You need to pack your personal items before new tenants arrive and move in. Subletting is also popular among seniors, but they often cannot pack by themselves. But, there is packing help specially designed for Seniors who are not able to pack. Pack all your clothing, photos, shoes, linens, etc.

Clean house

A house should be clean and decluttered too. A company that can help you with packing, unpacking, proper disposal, and trash hauling is Take photos of your house before you move out, so if anything happens you will have proof.

Clean home before moving out and make it ready for new people.

Remove valuables

Remove the valuables in your home and all the items you don’t want to be messed up, just in case. Even if you are subletting your house to someone you know, it is safer this way.

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