How to store your fine art safely

If you are a lover of fine art, then you have probably been faced with a dilemma about how to store your fine art safely. The reason for storing your art is less important. Perhaps you are in the process of moving to a new home and you want to keep your art safe. In any case, you may want to consult a professional. This way you will get the most relevant information and you’ll avoid potential damage. Read on to find what you should think about when looking to store your fine art, or even antiques, safely.

To store your fine art safely, choose the right storage

The easiest place to store your art or antiques is the actual storage room. However, you can’t just choose one at random. That storage unit has to be a suitable storage space for fine art. Choose a storage facility that keeps track of temperature and humidity in their units. In other words, you need a climate-controlled storage unit.

A storage unit facility; choose the right one to store your fine art safely.
Choose a climate-controlled storage unit for your fine art.

The alternative to renting a storage unit is building a storage space in your home. Of course, this is only an option if your home has enough space to make this possible. You can convert a room that you don’t use often to a suitable space for storing your fine art. However, you have to be careful about which room you choose. Avoid basement and attic space. This room should be climate-controlled and have no air vents as well. Additionally, watch out for dust, mold, and musty smells.

Pack your fine art the right way

If you choose to rent a storage unit for your art, then you need to think about transporting the art to said unit. The transport can easily damage your art. So, you have to safely pack and move your antiques and other art. The most important step of this process is to minimize human contact. How will you accomplish this? First, wrap your art in plastic to keep it clean and protect the finish. Secondly, place your art in a styrofoam box. Nowadays, you can get custom-sized styrofoam boxes in any bigger art supply store. Next, place the art in a close-fitting cardboard box. If there is any loose space left, fill it with some kind of bubble pack. Just don’t use packing peanuts or other materials that can settle over time. And finally, seal everything with packing tape.

A pile of unfolded cardboard boxes.
Place your art in cardboard boxes to endure safety during transport.

Transport your paintings with extra care

After packing comes transporting your art to the storage unit. If you choose to transport the art yourself, drive carefully. Place your art in such a way so that it can’t move around, or even worse, fall over if you brake too suddenly. Another great way to store your fine art safely during transport is to place it vertically. This reduces the chances of damage if anything or anyone falls on your paintings. Also, you can always hire the professionals to transport your art. Just make sure you choose a trustworthy and reliable service. And always, always insure your art against damage. Additionally, pick the best season to move your art. You don’t want bad weather damaging your fine art.


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