Storage ideas for your spare room

Your kids moved out or you have an extra space in your home? Use it! You are lucky if you have a spare room. Some people use it as a storage space. If you want to organize your home and get rid of clutter, here are some storage ideas for your spare room and how to make the most of it.

The list of storage ideas for your spare room

Do you want to redecorate your house and to organize it? Having a spare room is really helpful but you need to know how to use it properly and how to store items inside. We have some tips that may help you organize your spare room and decorate it like a pro. Also, they are cheap decorating ideas for your home, so you won’t spend much.

Inside of a house.
Use a spare room as a storage unit and your home will be cleared, organized, and decluttered

Think vertically

Use walls to store items you want. How? By adding shelves, your room will be organized and clean. Don’t make clutter in your spare room. Usually, people make this mistake, and after that, that room has no purpose. Use every inch and if you want to make an illusion that the room is taller and bigger, add vertical lines and mirrors. Even if it is just a storage room, it does not mean it should not be sophisticated.

Add shelves in the closet

There is never enough space in a closet, especially if you using it as a storage space. But, the good thing – you can always add shelves inside and your clutter will be hidden. You can store off-seasons clothing and shoes there, and your bedroom will be organized and cleaner. Add shelves from the floor to the ceiling.

Messy room.
Add shelves and organize all the items – that’s one of the storage ideas for your spare room

Built the bed into the wall

Your spare room does not have to be just a storage unit. If you need a guest room, add 2 single beds or one big. But, to have more space, it is better to have a bed built in the wall. So, when needed, just fold it down. A spare room can have multiple purposes, it can be your office,  you can store fine art or make a gym.

Use multipurpose furniture

Nowadays, there is more furniture that can be used for different tasks. In most cases, they are small too, so they won’t take too much space in your spare room.  Minimalist furniture can be found easily (Swedish style of multipurpose furniture will give your room a sophisticated touch).

Don’t add desks

As you can see there are many storage ideas for your spare room, but pay attention to saving the space and don’t make a clutter. Desks are big and they use too much space. Skip bulky and heavy desks, instead use smaller ones. Around the desk add shelves on the wall.


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