Storage ideas for your garage

Garages are often a mess. Most people are storing items they do not use often there. Clutter makes your garage look disorganized and untidy. Keep in mind that a garage is a very practical space in the house and it is a big advantage to have it. If you want to clean and declutter this space, here are some simple storage ideas for your garage.

Storage ideas for your garage and tips

If you need a guide on how to create more storage space in your garage, then you are in the right place. Even if you do not have too much time or your budget is tight, you can organize a garage and make it look prettier.

Storage ideas for your garage
Organize your garage and create more storage space in there. Add shelves, a desk, and keep the floor clean

Get rid of unwanted items

First of all, declutter and get rid of all items you do not need anymore. Garages are often a place where people are storing items they do not use. And they sit there for years, for no reason. Make categories – what to keep, toss, and what to sell or donate. Organize a garage sale and sell all the items in your house you do not need anymore. If the items are damaged, just throw them away, do not collect clutter.

Add more shelves

Use the walls in your garage to add more shelves. There are never enough shelves when it comes to storage. What is more important, shelves are not that expensive. Use metal shelves or wooden ones, it is up to you. This way you will keep your garage floor empty. Shelves are better than closed cabinets because they are less expensive and easier to access.

Buy plastic storage bins

Buy storage bins where you can store all the items. You can pack your clothes for storage in your garage and create more space in your closet, pack Christmas decorations, old kids’ toys, tools, etc. Plastic bins are better because they last longer and humidity and pests can damage items inside.

Build a workbench

Every garage has a workbench. It can be a handy item to own. Especially if you love DIY home projects.

Create an inventory list and label boxes

In your garage, you will keep a lot of items, so after a while, you will forget what you have in there. That is why is recommended to create an inventory list. Also, label all the boxes, so your garage storage will be organized well.

A garage inside
Garages are often unorganized and filled with clutter. Renovate your garage and make it more practical


Besides reading about storage ideas for your garage, you need also to clean your garage. Dust and dirt can damage your items and the smell will not be pleasant. Keep in mind that dust from your garage can transfer to the rest of the house. It will look much better when it is organized and clean.

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