Small Florida cities best for musicians

The key to a great musical career is, of course, talent. Unfortunately, talent is not the only thing that affects the success of a performer. It takes good management, a promotion strategy, and everything that goes with it. It’s also very important to figure out the market for musical genres you’re selling. Many cities in the US have iconic status when it comes to certain genres of music. New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz, Chicago is the voice of blues, and Seattle is home to grunge, while Memphis is the cradle of rock and roll. Big cities can offer a lot, but what about small Florida cities best for musicians?

South Palm Beach County, thriving live entertainment

Note that moving long-distance affordably to small Florida towns will offer you a great relaxing environment, amazing sunny weather, nearby beaches, and acceptable cost of living. No wonder everyone wants to try their luck in The Sunshine State.

Walking down the streets of Delray Beach, you will be amazed by all the musical varieties its clubs can offer. From island reggae to classical rap and hip hop sounds, take your pick. Atlantic Avenue is alive 7 days a week.

black and white photo of a woman in a black dress playing a guitar in front of the audience
A great amount of clubs in Atlantic Avenue will give you plenty opportunities to live perform and win your new audience

The benefit of the small towns is always having support from your local community and neighbors. You can find assistance around the corner for anything you need. Especially when it comes to hiring reliable people to help you move to your studio.

Okeechobee, small city full of festivals

As home to 4-day-long Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival, Okeechobee had pinned their name in a map of top musical festival places in Florida. If you love rural small town communities with friendly residents, this is the right place for you. From the festivals like Cattlemen’s Rodeo to Country Fair to The Speckled Perch Festival, Okeechobee will offer you a lot of opportunities to perform, since this town likes supporting local artists.

Panama City Beach, sunscreen and cocktails on the beach

Panama City has always been a popular vacation destination and one of the best places to live in Florida. But one of the biggest musical events happening in these areas is definitely Gulf Coast Jam Festival, held annually in September. The unique scenario of sandy beaches and blue water will make sure you forget about all of your worries. The festival hosts some of the best country stars in the US. If you are a country or a classic rock music performer, this might be the right place for you.

If you’ve finally chosen which one of Florida cities best for musicians is right for you, make sure to properly organize the move of your band instruments, especially if your band has some heavy stuff, like pianos and other extra sensitive equipment. Our partners from the local moving company with their trained teams can handle this task. You want your band inventory to be in safe hands.

a man playing a piano in one of Florida cities best for musicians
You won’t have to worry about your precious equipment if you protect your equipment well or hire professionals to do it for you

All you’re left to do is to find a great place for the studio and start packing. If you are doing the moving by yourself, make sure to pack properly, and safely protect your delicate equipment.

Living in a great place like small Florida cities best for musicians will make sure you have it all. A great community will give you the support you need. Amazing weather will help you with productivity. And affordable life costs will make you stress-free. All you’re left to do is to pack up and use these magnificent places as the inspiration in creating your musical masterpieces.  

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