Should you move from Washington DC in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is spreading very fast, all over the world, not only in the USA. But, the situation in the USA is the worst. Here, we have a lot of infected people, and unfortunately, deaths too. On the other hand, the situation is getting better, even in Washington DC. If you want to move out of this city, should you move from Washington DC in the wake of the Covid-19 or should you cancel or reschedule it?

2020 is not maybe the best year for traveling and moving, and considering to move now is a big decision. You should know that if you decide to move, the process will be different than before.

A view of Washington.
Moving out of Washington during the COVID-19 requires some extra steps

During September 2020, there were not too many cases per day in Washington DC. On average, there were about 50 people every day, which is much lower as it was during May 2020.

Is it possible to relocate during the coronavirus pandemic?

Yes, it is possible to move even amid the current pandemic. But, it is not possible if you need to move out of the country. Only if you need to move state to state or within the state. Most moving companies are working, but many people have chosen to reschedule a relocation. Contact moving companies from Washington DC and ask if they are open for business. If you have already booked a moving company, confirm your relocation.

It is safer to stay at home and to practice social distancing. If you don’t have a choice and you must move, then you can move but it is highly recommended to pay more attention to hygiene and to protect yourself.

Should you move?

Now when you know that it is not forbidden to relocate, the next question is – should you move, and is it safe? One of the mistakes when moving with a large family you can make is not having enough information and not considering all the facts. So, answer these questions first in order to make the right call.

  • Is COVID-19 spreading where you will move to? The current situation in Washington DC is relatively stable, but you must check the situation in the city where you want to move.
  • Is someone from your family sick or someone you know? If you know somebody that is positive on coronavirus, then you should stay at home and protect other people
  • Can you stay at home 14 days after the relocation? Take time off from work or school if you decide to move. Clean home when you move in completely and be in quarantine for 2 weeks, even if you don’t feel sick.
  • If you are a senior with medical problems, consult your doctor first. Moving is not the safest option right now for older people. If you need to move from Washington DC in the wake of the Covid-19, try to reschedule it for now.

How to move from Washington DC in the wake of the Covid-19?

If you have decided to move during the coronavirus pandemic, then you should make some extra steps. To prevent yourself, your family, and other people around you.

Washing hands.
Wash your hands, wear face mask, and glove to protect yourself from the virus

Are moving services still available?

Hiring a moving company is an option, but sometimes required if you are moving long-distance. It is highly recommended to have trustworthy helpers for this big step.

Luckily, moving services are still available for moving within the country. So, you can hire them for moving out of Washington DC even if you are moving to another state.

Getting help to move from Washington DC in the wake of the Covid-19
Get some help when moving, companies are still working

What about storage services?

The situation is the same with storage services in the USA, including Washington DC. Bigger storage companies are still open for business. Renting a storage unit during moving is common and if you need storage, then try to find a company that will offer you both, moving and storage services. One of the companies to consider is Allstate Moving and Storage.

Practice social distancing

Practice social distancing with movers, before moving, and also after moving too. With your neighbors for example. Meeting new people can wait a little bit. It is one of the best defenses that we have against the spread of COVID-19 – protect yourself and people from yourself by staying six feet away from other people and avoiding mass gatherings.

Wash hands more frequently

Wash and disinfect your hand more frequently, especially if you have been outside. Always keep antibacterial wipes or soap for a dry wash in your bag or purse. Also, provide hygiene products for your movers (prepare soap and paper towels by the sink).

Wear face mask and gloves

When moving, or going out, wear face mask and gloves all the time. When your movers come to transport your household items, wear mask too.

Clean your home

Clean as you pack and clean your apartment when moving out. Also, after moving, deep clean a new home especially the kitchen and bathrooms. To move from Washington DC in the wake of the Covid-19 safely, pay more attention to hygiene. Pack in your essential box all cleaning supplies you use and before unpacking, prepare, and disinfect a new home.

Cancel your relocation from Washington DC if you are feeling sick

Cancel your move from Washington DC in the wake of the Covid-19 if you are feeling any of the symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, body aches, fatigue, loss of taste or smell, or sore throat. Don’t risk, call a doctor and you should get tested on the COVID-19. Let your movers know that you are sick or anyone from your family is sick, especially if you are feeling symptoms after moving.

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