Relocating your NYC business with minimal disruptions

Commercial moving is often regarded as one of the most difficult types of relocation. Not only do you have to deal with all the issues that plague regular relocations. But, you also need to organize your business so that it suffers minimal losses during it. Luckily, there is a way for relocating your NYC business with minimal disruptions. But, in order to do so, you need to start preparing on time and tackle each aspect of commercial moving with due care. So, let’s take a closer look at what proper NYC commercial relocation is all about.

How to prepare for relocating your NYC business

Business relocation mostly boils down to organizing properly. If you manage to do so, you will succeed in relocating your NYC business with minimal disruption. But, if you for whatever reason fail, you will face costly issues that might ruin your entire relocation. So, if you want to do yourself a favor, start preparing as soon as you decide that you are going to move.

Finding the right commercial movers

The first thing we would advise you to do is to find reliable commercial movers to help you out. Know that moving business in NYC can be terribly complicated. There will be a bunch of factors to deal with, most of which will never cross your mind while planning. So, if you want to do yourself let professionals deal with the move. They will not only execute the relocation with the necessary efficiency. But they will also help you plan your relocation so that it is undisruptive as possible.

People shaking hands with commercial movers.
Finding the right commercial movers is essential for relocating your NYC business.

Another thing to keep in mind is that local movers are your best bet in having a cost-effective relocation. This is simply due to the fact that it takes them less time and fuel to travel to and from your business. Plus, since they are local to NYC, they will be able to navigate the local traffic with relative ease. Of course, you should always prioritize that your movers are trustworthy and provide the necessary moving service to help you. But, if you have to choose between 2 companies of similar quality, where one is local, go for the local one.

Using commercial storage

If you have commercial storage, expect that you’ll be using plenty of it during your office move. If, on the other hand, your storage is full or you have none, you better find a moving company that has storage service. You can opt for hiring separate companies for moving and storage. But, this often proves to be needlessly complicated. The safer, and often the cheaper option is to simply hire a moving company like Movage Moving NYC that offers both relocation and storage services.

Making a moving team

One of the things you will have to come to terms with quite soon is that you cannot deal with relocating your NYC business on your own. There are simply too many factors to simultaneously tackle that you cannot possibly handle it all by yourself. So, a good idea is to create a moving team from people at work. Choose reliable, competent people and have them help you coordinate your business with your movers. By delegating various aspects of relocation you will be able to tackle them with due care.

Office workers bumping fists over a work desk.
A good moving team will make your relocation efficient and easy to manage.

Developing a relocation plan

Once you have found your movers and created a reliable moving team, you will need to develop a relocation plan. These can vary drastically based on things like:

  • Business requirements.
  • How gradual your relocation process is going to be?
  • Where in NYC do you need to move?
  • How quickly do you want to do move?

Therefore, we won’t get into many specifics. The one thing that we will advise you is to leave room for mistakes. Once you start setting up a timeline with your moving company, remember to give yourself some breathing room. Mistakes, oversights, and unforeseen circumstances will happen. And, once they do, you’ll be happy that you have some room to tackle them.

Orient your business around moving

It should be obvious by now that business relocation is not going to be a cheap or easy matter. So, if you want to tackle it properly, we advise you carefully consider your business. Know that relocating your NYC business is a business venture. And that, as such, it requires research and careful planning in order to be effective.

New working space

We will assume that you’ve studied your future NYC neighborhood and decided that it is the best option for your business. So, the one thing we will advise you to do is to carefully envision how your business will function in the new working space. Every office has a different layout and a different feel to it. And, if you want to maximize the performance of your workers and colleagues, you need to plan your office layout carefully. Sometimes this requires the use of storage units, as cluttered offices are quite stressful to work in. So, try to find local commercial storage companies that you might end up using in the near future.

A well designed office, showing you what you need to consider when relocating your NYC business.
Carefully consider what your office space will be like before you start unpacking office supplies.

Notifying your clients

Some business owners decide to hide the fact that they are going through a relocation and only notify their clients once they’ve relocated their NYC business. This usually proves to be a bad idea. Our advice is to keep your clients posted about your progress and to help them understand what you are going through. Time and time again, this proves to be the best way of relocating your NYC business with minimal disruptions.

Working with minimal office supplies

During your relocation, your office will have to function with a suboptimal amount of office supplies. So, your job is to define what is the minimal amount of office supplies required to keep your business operational. If you know that, you will be able to plan when your business stops operating and for how long. Planning this is key if you want to keep your financial losses at a minimum.


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