Reduce stress when moving: 4 useful tips

There are very few events that carry as much stress as moving does. We all know we shouldn´t feel stressed. But how to reduce stress when moving, when there is so many things to do? Everything seems to be falling apart, moving company is late, you broke your new porcelain, your kid is screaming, your pet has bitten the worker… 30 million moves happen yearly in United States and they are all just like this. But, they don´t have to be. There is no law that says that everything needs to go bad, and that there is no way of fixing it. Even better than fixing problems, you can avoid them altogether and find ways to reduce stress when moving, rather than just doing damage control. Although moving is a very difficult task, always have in mind that this is the beginning of something new. When you actually finish with your move, there is something amazing waiting for you there.

  1. Reduce stress when moving by organizing and planning

How to reduce stress when moving
Reduce stress when moving with good organization

You cannot control everything during your move, but there will be far less things to stress out if you have a good plan. Most problems in life, and in moving, come when something unplanned and unexpected happens. During your move that can happen more often than you would like. That is why in order to reduce stress when moving you should start with a good and detailed plan of your activities.

It´s not just about making a plan. It´s also about making a good one. If you really want to reduce stress when moving you should incorporate a lot of things in your plan. Write down every activity, whose responsibility is it, and what the deadline is. If you ran out of ideas, you can check here if you have missed something. The more things you put down, the better is your chance to avoid stress-inducing situations and accidents. The number one factor for stress when moving is forgetting to do something. That is why in order to reduce stress when moving and create a more pleasant experience, you should focus on planning.

If you are still not sure what to put in your plan and how much time it will take, consult your friends who have gone through the similar experience. They will be able to provide you with useful information and some tips and tricks.

  1. Reduce stress when moving with this coping mechanisms

It is very important to take care of yourself when moving. This experience requires not only your mental abilities and physical strength but also can take tool on your emotions. Problems that might occur, accidents and fights can cause you to feel very anxious and overwhelmed. In addition to this you will be moving out of your old home and into a new one, which is always very painful and exciting, at the same time. Check out this list, and figure out what is the best option for you.

  • Cope with stress by taking time outs during the moving days where you will be alone and able to gather your thoughts and emotions.
  • Practice yoga for a more peaceful perspective and different mechanisms and techniques (find more info here)
  • Have a buddy that will help you through this period and that knows how to calm you- It can be your partner or your parent, even best friend, but it should be someone in charge of you and not the move
  • Always keep close to you something to boost up your energy and spirit, which can be chocolate bar, your favorite track or a glass of wine. We are not judging.
  1. Remove the clutter from your home (and your life)

Reduce stress when moving
Say goodbye to your new home in order to reduce stress when moving

Lack of time and money is one of the biggest stress inducing factors during a move. One of the best ways to deal with this is to remove the clutter you have piled up in your home. Carrying that pile from one home to another is definitely going to increase stress during your move. That is why you should use this opportunity to clear out your home and get rid of everything you no longer need. You can read here how you can do that. The best way to reduce stress when moving is to use this time to declutter, save money and prevent further stress.  You can also donate things to charity, so there is another upside to your move. Although, there will be many stress-inducing factors during your move, you can find different ways to make this experience more enjoyable. One of the best ideas is to gather all of your old toys and plan a trip to an orphanage or children’s hospitals. This way you will be doing a great thing while helping yourself as well.

  1. Take care of the emotional weight – say goodbye to your old home

It is never an easy task, to let go of things in your past and to move on to new experiences. That is why moving is so stressful, because our emotions are part of this experience too. In order to reduce stress when moving you should acknowledge the emotions and take some time to process that you will be leaving. Say goodbye to your home, your neighborhood, your friends and step into your new life with no baggage and stress-free. Finishing this chapter of your life is definitely not going to be easy, and although you are going somewhere great, dedicate your time to everyone who was in your life and say a proper goodbye. Throw a farewell party and spend some quality time with people one on one so they wouldn’t feel left out. Also don’t forget to say goodbye to places, pets and every little thing you might miss. Take a lot of pictures and frame them in your new home so you would always have amazing memories.


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