Reasons why Red Hook is one of the hippest neighborhoods

Are you considering moving to Brooklyn soon? If you do, then research this NYC borough because it has a lot to offer. One of the neighborhoods is Red Hook, located in northwestern Brooklyn. Red Hook is one of the hippest neighborhoods here and if you are an artist, you should definitely consider this place as your future home. Before you move to some area, make sure to explore it and to know what to expect after moving there.

Why Red Hook is one of the hippest neighborhoods?

Some streets are made from cobblestone and you will see the red brick warehouses, storage depots, garbage facilities, etc when you come here. It is the only neighborhood in NYC that has a fully frontal view of the Statue of Liberty. So, if you want the view, this is one of the best options. Once it was home to a busy shipyard, but now many artists moved here and changed this neighborhood.

One of the main reasons why artists moved here is low rent and relatively affordable costs of living (compared to other NYC neighborhoods, especially those in Manhattan). The median rent for a two-bedroom apartment is about $2,500 per month. Commercial places are also more affordable and that is why there are more and more tech firms and small businesses. IKEA store opened in 2008 and many people are working here.

Yes, Brooklyn is one of the most exciting neighborhoods in NYC and it is developing fast, including Red Hook. Not as fast as Williamsburg, for example, but it is on the way.

A view of Statue of Liberty is one of the resons why Red Hook is one of the hippest neighborhoods.
If you enjoy the view of the Statue of Liberty, Red Hook will give you the best view

Art galleries in Red Hook

If you visit Red Hook, you will see many galleries and hippie cafes. There are many art galleries in Brooklyn and some of the best galleries in Red Hook neighborhood are:

  • Kentler International Drawing Space shows contemporary drawings on paper to visitors and it is founded by artists Florence Neal and Scott Pfaffman 30 years ago. Red Hook is one of the hippest neighborhoods here because it has a special vibe and a different view of art, and this gallery shows it. This gallery has programs for or families and kids and one of them is the Drawing Together program.
  • Auguste Garufi is open only by appointment (studio and gallery are open to the public) and this man is using painting, sculpture, and modern tools to create his art. He is using also organic materials.
  • The Still House Group is an art organization that is run and supported by artists. It is located on the same street as Kentler International Drawing Space and they are providing young artists to exhibit their own work.
  • Kamau Studios is a photographic studio owned by Kamau Ware (and his wife) and he is specialized in visual storytelling. They also make short films, books, etc. It is a small community for storytellers and their motto is “ideas are limitless”. Their studio is like a laboratory for artists and brands.
  • Rhombus Space is located in the same building and floor as Kamau Studios. It is a contemporary art gallery founded by Katerina Lanfranco. She is also an educator and curator as well as an artist. Artists can show their work here in this gallery and if you want to see their work, this gallery is open every weekend from 1 pm to 5 pm.
A face with paint.
A free spirit and art galleries are attracting different people to come to Red Hook.

Moving to Red Hook

If you want to be part of this vibrant neighborhood of Brooklyn, the next step is to move here and to experience its vibe. If you always wanted to live in Brooklyn, explore the real estate here. One of the best things is that this area is more affordable than other neighborhoods, and it is not a secret that life in NYC is very expensive. Local specialists can handle your relocation with ease, and your job will be to enjoy relocation and to focus on other tasks. After moving here, you will see why Red Hook is one of the hippest neighborhoods.

After hiring a local real estate agent from Brooklyn and searching for an apartment (and/or a roommate), it is time to organize your relocation, especially if you need to relocate art pieces too. Moving an art studio is not easy but with Dynamic Movers NYC it can be. Hire a moving company – reliable, reputable, and experienced. They will pack and move all your items fast and safely.

Renting a storage

Yes, Brooklyn is a place where moving is easy but if you are an artist with a lot of artwork, you will need a place where to store all your items. Consider renting a storage unit because your stuff will be in a safe place and your apartment won’t be cluttered. It can also be used as a studio where you can create your art.

Places to visit in Red Hook, Brooklyn

Art galleries are not the only places to visit here in Red Hook. If you are visiting this neighborhood or better, if you are moving here, have fun and explore its streets and places where to store fine art. This place has an amazing nightlife and it offers residents a dense urban feel. Gowanus, Cobble Hill, Park Slope, and Boerum Hill are near Red Hook, so while you are here, don’t miss these neighborhoods too.

  • Waterfront Museum
  • Showboat Barge
  • Baked bakery
  • Red Hook Food Vendors
  • Look North Inuit art gallery
  • Louis Valentino Junior Park and Pier
  • Pioneer Works art gallery
  • Hope & Anchor diner (American cuisine)
Brooklyn bridge.
Enjoy Brooklyn and don’t underestimate it

Many young people are living here, prices are relatively affordable, the nightlife is great and there is a lot of art spaces, and that is why Red Hook is one of the hippest neighborhoods. Before you come to visit this neighborhood make a list of all places you want to see or try. Especially if you are moving here. Good luck!


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