Reasons why you should move to Lakewood, Colorado

There is a wonderful place with friendly people, nice houses, and gorgeous mountain views. A place at heights, with a great community where people are proud to call it home. It may sound like a tale but this is exactly how Lakewood, Colorado looks like. Just a couple of miles west of Denver lies this extraordinary suburbs. It can be a retreat paradise, your outdoor haven, and a great place to raise kids. At the same time, it has access to all the art, culture, and amenities of larger cities. With the Rocky Mountains on one side, and Denver nearby, there are more than enough reasons why you should move to Lakewood, Colorado.

Things to know before you move to Lakewood, Colorado

In short, Lakewood is a great place for living and working. First, both Lakewood and its surrounding places provide plenty of job opportunities. Especially in medicine, aerospace, and bioscience. Even though the costs of living might be a bit higher than the national average, many will confirm it’s worth it. In general, it can be hard to find a place where you can enjoy as much as in Lakewood. You should definitely plan to move here. Second, it’s a socially active thriving community with many events. With the freedom to enjoy nature, on one side. And highly developed urban place tucked in the middle of it, on the other side. From farmers’ markets to breweries to tech startups, this place has it all. There is definitely plenty of things to enjoy in and love about life in Lakewood.

Denver with the surrounding area and the suburbs.
You can find many opportunities in both Lakewood and Denver.

You need to thoroughly prepare before you move to Lakewood

This is a great place to grow your family, but you need to prepare well before moving here. You will need a detailed budget plan and appropriate help for moving. Whether you are moving from another state or from another city in Colorado, you should opt for professional movers to help you. Since they are reputable and know the area well, Homegrown Moving might be a good place to start. Then, gather a couple of estimates and decide what type of service suits you the best. Since preparations can take time to complete, you should use this opportunity to get to know Lakewood’s advantages a bit better.

Lakewood has an interesting climate

Many will say that there are over 300 days of sunshine in Lakewood. But, that’s not entirely true. At least, not always. The situation changes from year to year because of the city’s elevation of above 5,000 feet. However, Lakewood does have plenty of sunny days, so carefully plan if you are moving in summer. On the other side, its semi-arid climate, and the elevation, sometimes makes large temperature differences even within 24 hours. Also, you can expect to see all four-seasons changes in Lakewood. You will have a great temperature and humidity to spend many warm days outside in nature. But you will also have plenty of snowfalls in winter. Which, at that time, makes Lakewood a perfect place for many skiing enthusiasts. Rarely, you will see other extreme weather, like blizzards and storms.

There are some wonderful neighborhoods in Lakewood

Should you decide to move to Lakewood, you can easily find a local crew you can always count on, and move to one of its wonderful neighborhoods. Generally speaking, Lakewood might not be so urbanized like nearby Denver, but it has its own fair share of “modern”. You can enjoy city-like downtown feel in Belmar, with plenty of shops and events. Or enjoy more privacy and open space on the outskirts. Overall, here are some of the most notable neighborhoods around:

  • Belmar – a walkable and buzzing neighborhood where people enjoy strolling the streets. Popular for restaurants, dining options, and more city-like feel.
  • Alameda – mostly home to military personnel, managers, and specialists. Generally, it’s one of the more expensive parts, but also one of the best neighborhoods.
  • Bear Creek – a wonderful neighborhood for outdoor activities. In fact, some of the most beautiful views and biking and hiking trails can be found here.
  • Eiber – this is a growing and vibrant community quite popular for its greenery. Holbrook Park and Sunset Park are just some of the most popular green spaces.

Lakewood’s excellent education

Lakewood is among the top 100 cities with excellent education options. Mostly, thanks to a highly ranked public school system. But it’s also home to some prestigious higher education institutions like Colorado School of Healing Arts, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, and Colorado Christian University.

A kid playing with toys in preschool.
Children will have the best education in Lakewood.

Employment opportunities

Moving to Lakewood means you are moving in the area that has 6% lower unemployment rates than the national average. It’s a thriving city with plenty of job and business opportunities. It also has a great environment for startups and other business options. For example, you have more than 120 creative businesses in the West Arts district only. Also, some of the major industries in Lakewood are:

  • Health care
  • Retail trade
  • Professional and technical services
  •  Social assistance
  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Agriculture
  • Fishing and hunting
  • Utilities

Recreation and activities

In numbers, Lakewood has 99 public parks. More than 180 miles of biking and hiking trails. And countless locations where you can explore or just relax in nature. Bear Creek Lake Regional Park, Bear Creek Stables, and Big Soda Lake are just examples of attractive locations. As a result, it gives you enough space to enjoy in everything from archery to horse riding. There is also a family-friendly Kendric Lake Park, where you can tumble upon smaller wildlife species. Or, if you enjoy heights, feel free to go to William Frederick Hayden Park and wonder on its numerous hiking trails. In essence, even if you are not leading a healthier lifestyle, Lakewood will make you to.

A splendid hiking trail through nature.
You will see some of the best hiking trails if you move to Lakewood, Colorado.

The vibe you will feel if you move to Lakewood

Lakewood has everything from wonderful restaurants that offer authentic meals to world-class award-winning breweries. This place, in general, has a specific vibe that many will adore. Among other things, it’s a specific mixture of new and old, urban and rural, and speed and calmness. First, you have more than 100 retail stores only in Belmar. Whatever you might need, you will never lack the options to buy it. As for the food, there are various authentic cuisines where you can try dishes from all parts of the world. And culture lovers will definitely enjoy Lakewood Cultural Center and Lakewood Heritage Center.

Some might say that Lakewood is “just” a suburb of Denver, struggling to find its identity. But that is a serious mistake. There are many reasons why you should move to Lakewood, Colorado, and each of these reasons is giving this place its uniqueness. That specific combination and mixture of extremes are making Lakewood diverse. And that diversity is just the right identity that makes Lakewood stand out.

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