Reasons to consider Plymouth Meeting when buying your first home

Looking for a brand new place to settle down? You are knocking on the right door. Welcome to Plymouth Meeting. This census-designed place in Montgomery County of Pennsylvania has a population of almost 7,000 people. With numerous great parks, shopping centers, and recreational and entertainment spots, it soon became one of the most desirable places for people from all parts of the world. Here are the top reasons to consider Plymouth Meeting when buying your first home.

1. It has a universal lifestyle

Although Plymouth Meeting is a suburban area of a large city, this is a place that offers a perfect urban-suburban atmosphere. It is both a peaceful area for nice and calm family life and an active surrounding with plenty of interesting attractions for everyone’s taste. All the residents there feel comfortable and, above, all safe. All day long you can see people of all ages walking down the street enjoying their everyday activities. The suburb is very family-friendly and it is not just a coincidence that many young couples choose exactly Plymouth Meeting as a place to start raising their children. So, if you are looking for something like this, check out the simple moving guide and become a resident of one of the best living places in Philadelphia.

A person is handing keys to a man.
Buy yourself real estate for your whole life.

Social life- a good reason to consider Plymouth Meeting when buying your first home

People living in Plymouth Meeting are friendly and kind. Even though the place can boast a great variety in terms of culture, religion, race, and age, their community still cherishes strong bonds and good social networks. It is exactly that diversity that helps people from different parts of the world to adjust to the new environment. Newcomers become easily accepted and will soon find their place in the Plymouth Meeting sun. This is especially important for all the people who decide to move there with kids. Once when they get into one of their highly-rated public schools, you can be sure that they will easily become a part of a group.

Plymouth Meeting residents are simply open to meeting new people. Every neighborhood is friendly, and in most cases apart from the professional services you can get from Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia, your closest neighbors will be your best aid in the moving in process.

There are some people sitting and drinking at the table.
Socializing will be no problem in Plymouth Meeting.

2. Accessibility

In the Plymouth Meeting area, everything is easily accessible. As some would say, within a driving distance. Shops, malls, outlets, and most of the fun areas are mostly less than 15 minutes away. And, within an hour and a half, you will be able to enjoy all the merits of a nice sunny beach. So, if you decide to conduct your move during the summer months, make sure you pack your swimsuits at the top of your baggage. What’s more, if you, at some point start missing the large city’s buzzing streets, the city of Philadelphia is a short drive away from you.

Living in this suburb requires a car as a regular moving around option. Sill, you should know that the system of public transport in the area functions pretty well indeed, regardless of all the well-known suburban traffic jams.

3. Housing market

People who have recently come to live in this area say that the housing options there are really good. The average rent does not highly exceed the national average. However, yet another promising fact is that in the Plymouth Meeting area most of the residents actually own their homes. What’s more, the median household income is around $100,000 which is higher than the national average. Job opportunities in the area are also pretty good.

Knowing all of this it is not strange that many people decide to seriously consider Plymouth Meeting when buying their first home. In fact, this suburb ranks pretty high on many levels on the list of favorite relocation destinations. Young professionals, family people, and even retirees easily decide to team up with the pros such as Plymouth Meeting movers, and they come to live in this Philadelphia’s favorite suburb. Moving in with their experience seems like a piece of cake.

4. The everyday pastime

Entertainment and pastime activities should not be a matter of your concern. Incredible outdoors are awaiting you in close proximity to every neighborhood. Parks with football, volleyball, and tennis courts and all other sorts of recreational activities. And then, for the passionate sports lovers there come football and basketball games every now and then. Walking trails, children’s playgrounds, and similar places where the whole family can spend their free time. And finally, thanks to the proximity of one of the nature reserves, enjoying the peacefulness of nature is promised. Moreover, due to the mild weather conditions, people in Plymouth Meeting are active during most parts of the year. They usually prefer a healthy lifestyle.

However, the nightlife in Plymouth Meeting is not the best in the world. But, for all those who like going out, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes where they can have an excellent social life.

On the other hand, if you like to hear that your home has some historic roots as well, this area preserves Plymouth Friends Meetinghouse, a historic sight built back in 1708.

So, if you are planning to invest in Philadelphia real estate market, Plymouth Meeting is definitely the best choice.

There are some children running on the field with balloons. Various outdoor activities are one of the reasons to consider Plymouth Meeting when buying your first home.
No matter your preferences, Plymouth Meeting’s amazing outdoors will have something for you.

Finding a perfect place to call your home is never an easy task. There are so many things one needs to think about in order to make the right choice. All around the globe, there are magical cities that can attract your attention. And if Philadelphia is one of them, then this article may have discovered a pearl in this city’s sea. In case these reasons to consider Plymouth Meeting when buying your first home helped you make up your mind, we promise you it will be the right choice.

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