Quirky attractions you shouldn’t miss in Baton Rouge, LA

Louisiana is a beautiful state with great places to visit. But if you are already coming to Louisiana, you should come to the capital Baton Rouge. But even Baton Rouge has plenty of places to check out. We will help improve your stay in Baton Rouge. New Movers Network will tell you about quirky attractions you shouldn’t miss in Baton Rouge, LA

General fact about Baton Rouge 

Before we get into the places and events to visit in Baton Rouge, let’s learn something about the city. Baton Rouge is on the Mississippi River, and it has around 227,000 residents

The city is very affordable. Baton Rouge is ten percent less expensive than the average in America. Compared to most capitals of other states, this is a big difference. If you want to buy a home in Baton Rouge, it will cost you around 200,000 dollars which is 90,000 lower than the median home cost in America. The rent is very inexpensive, with a two-bedroom apartment costing 900 dollars. So if you want to settle in an affordable place, zippyshelllouisiana.com can assist you. They are experienced and can get you to Baton Rouge with no problem. But if they do not have all the services you need, you can look for other options. 

person putting money in piggy bank
Since Baton Rouge is so affordable, you will be able to save money if you move there.

One of the downsides of Baton Rouge is the high crime rate, so if you want to move there, pick an area with lower crime rates. 

Quirky attractions you shouldn’t miss in Baton Rouge, LA – The Baton Rouge Blues Festival

One of the attractions you shouldn’t miss in Baton Rouge is the Baton Rouge Blues Festival. People do not know about Baron Rouge’s rich history of blues. And Baton Rouge Blues Festival is one of the oldest blues festivals. If you come to the blues festival, you can see local blues legends and newer blues artists completely free of charge. When you come to the Baton Rouge Blues Festival, you should expect to meet people from all over the world because it brings in an international crowd. 

person playing guitar, read about Quirky attractions you shouldn't miss in Baton Rouge, LA
If you love blues, you must go to the Baton Rouge Blues Festival.

After one visit, you will fall in love with the blues festival and will want to relocate to Baron Rouge. When planning your move to Baton Rouge, try not to avoid moving mistakes

Louisiana Art & Science Museum

The second place to visit in Baton Rouge is the Louisiana Art & Science Museum. The thing that stands out about Louisiana Art & Science Museum is the unique architecture. But when you enter, the fun begins. At Louisiana Art & Science Museum, you can learn many things about different topics. There are exhibits about the pyramids and planetariums to learn about the unknown things about our cosmos. You will have to pay a small admission fee to enter, but it’s worth it. 

Do not miss the cuisine of Baton Rouge 

The third thing to try in Baron Rouge is the delicious food. The city is a mixture of many cultures, and because of it, it has unique food. The cuisine of Baton Rouge is a mixture of traditional south cooking and Cajun cuisine. Restaurants in Baton Rouge are beloved by many American movie stars and politicians. But besides the influence of the south, you can find Dutch, Vietnamese, and dishes influenced by other countries. 

Baton Rouge Zoo

The fourth must-see attraction in Baton Rouge is the Baton Rouge Zoo. They opened the zoo in the 1970s, and since then, it became the most amusing location in Baton Rouge. When you visit the Baton Rouge Zoo you do not only go to watch the animals but to bond with them. Each animal has its own interesting personality that will make you fall in love with them. In addition, the staff cares for the animals so they can lead their best life, even though they are in captivity. 

Visit, and you will fall in love with the animals of the Baton Rouge Zoo. Soon you will need to make settling in easy with Baton Rouge storage when you relocate to the city to have a chance to visit the zoo daily. 

Go out to the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center

To spend time in nature, check out the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center. When people read swamp in the name of the nature center, they get dismayed and do not want to visit. But we think you should forget about the bad reputations of swamps and take a leap. When you visit the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center, you will see animals in their natural habits. In addition, the nature center does not only have swamps but beautiful woods to walk in. 

Quirky attractions you shouldn’t miss in Baton Rouge – LSU Tiger Stadium

What people of Baton Rouge love is football. And there is no better place to see that love expressed to the fullest than the LSU Tiger Stadium. They opened the stadium in 1924, and now it is the defining building of Baton Rouge. All the locals come and watch the Louisiana State University team play. If you were not a football fan, the atmosphere at the LSU Tiger Stadium will soon change your mind. Besides the love of football, locals see watching their Tigers play as a bonding experience that brings them together. All the pent-up energy in the stadium explodes like a volcano when the local team scores a touchdown. After one game, you will become a devoted Tigers fan and look for ways to save up on your move to Baton Rouge. 

gray tiger statue
One of the quirky attractions you shouldn’t miss in Baton Rouge, LA is the LSU Tiger Stadium.


These are the quirky attractions you shouldn’t miss in Baton Rouge, LA, and the city has many more. To have a full experience of Baton Rouge, you should visit or relocate there.

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