A Quick and Simple Overview of the Most Important Types of Moving Services

Get a clear picture of the most common types of moving services offered by moving companies throughout the country and choose the one that matches your personal and financial circumstances.

Simple moving

Grasping what moving companies can do for you and which kinds of moving services they have to offer can be a very time-consuming matter.

Moving companies nowadays offer a plethora of different types of moving services, which are continuously being altered and customized. In addition to this, the number of service providers in the relocation industry is growing considerably.

To help you get a clearer picture of this issue and avoid going through countless descriptions, we’ve assembled an overview of the most common types of moving services in today’s relocation businesses for you.

The rates for these services vary from moving company to moving company, so make sure to get several estimates from proven professionals of the relocation industry. The names of the different types of moving services we listed can help you look for a specific kind of moving service and not waste time looking through options you’re not actually insterested in. Let’s move!

The Most Common Types of Moving Services at a Glance

In general, the different kinds of moving services are broadly divided according to:

  • The amount of things that need to be transported, which includes moving services for small moves or larger moves, depending on the total weight of the goods that are meant to be transferred;
  • The distance between the former place of living and the target destination, which can be further divided into
  • local moving services;
  • long-distance moving services;
  • interstate moving services and
  • international moving services.
  • The scope and extent of the movers participation, i.e. what kind of work the movers are asked to do, depending on the exact type of moving service the client picks.

The latter point includes the most significant kinds of moving services, as they give straightforward information about the job that is going to be done.

Let’s therefore have a closer look at them.

How Much You’ll Have to Do Within the Different Kinds of Moving Services

There are 3 basic types of moving services according to the effort required from both sides:

  1. Self-pack or self-service moves – By using this kind of moving services, the moving company is going to provide you with one or more helpers which will carry the boxes, load the goods, transport them to your new place and unload them afterwards.

The advantages and the disadvantages of this particular moving service include the following:

+ you don’t have to look for helpers and vans;

+ you won’t have to carry the boxes;

+ your goods are packed and transported by professionals with lots of experience;

+ the goods are loaded properly;

– you have to pack and unpack yourself, which can be very time-consuming.

  1. Self-Service Moves + Extra Services – This type of moving service includes all services of the above-mentioned self-service moves, plus one or more extra services that speed up and simplify your move.

Many modern moving companies now offer a variety of extra features for you to choose. You can, for instance, ask your movers to disassemble your furniture and reassemble it at your new apartment.

+ additional features can save you a lot of time and effort;

– you’ll have to extend your budget.

  1. Full Service or All-Inclusive Moves – The third and the most costly type of moving service. All-inclusive moving services cover it all. You’ll have to be there in the beginning to tell the moving company which kind of work you’d like them to do, and they’ll take it from there.

They’ll pack the goods, take the furniture apart, load and deliver the goods to your new address and set everything up according to your wishes.

+ minimum effort required;

+ you’ll save tons of time;

+ your goods will be handled by professionals;

+ you’ll be ready to go way faster than by using one of the previously mentioned moving services;

– you’ll need to extend your budget.

Basically, the more the moving company does, the more you’ll have to pay. Investing in such a type of moving service like all-inclusive moves is definitely worth considering, since it saves you a lot of time, and as it can really pay off to have professionals do the work for you.

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