How to pick the best season for moving

There are many things that will affect your move. First, there is the number of people that are moving and the size of the house. Then, you need to choose the best moving company for you. This can improve your move or make it more difficult, so be careful when doing it. And finally, the weather at the time of your move will have a great effect on your moving experience. This is why you need to pick the best season for moving – the one that suits you the most. All seasons have their advantages and disadvantages. In order to figure out which one is the best for you, you need to think about your priorities. In this article, we take a closer look at what moving in each of the four seasons means.

Is spring the best season for moving?

A branch with flowers - why spring might be the best seasons for moving.
The weather in spring is just amazing.

There are many things happening in the spring. After all, it is the season of rebirth and change – so why not change where you live, as well? There are many reasons why you might choose spring as your moving season. For starters, the weather is so much nicer than the cold winter months. Here, you can move wearing only your light jacket. It’s also not hot enough to tire out easily carrying the moving boxes from your house to the moving truck, so you can be more efficient. Also, everything starts blossoming, so seeing your new home in spring, with flowers starting to grow around and trees getting new leaves, can be breathtaking.

Another important reason why you might pick spring as the best season for moving is that it’s not a popular moving season. The majority of people will opt to move during summer, starting in May. If you book your movers before that, you will have bigger flexibility. Your moving company will want business, so they will be open to negotiation. This way, you can set up the moving date you like, and you can also save some money on the move.

The biggest downside of moving in spring is that you need to do it at the start of the season. As soon as May arrives, your moving company might be pretty booked. Also, you want to reduce stress when moving, but you are doing it with your kids, this might be pretty hard. As you know, spring months are the peak of the school season. Changing schools in the middle of exams might be tough for them, and they will need support.

Is summer the best seasons for moving?

It’s like summer is using many of spring’s disadvantages, and turning them into pros for this season. First, your children will be on a school break. You will not be disturbing their progress, and they can start the new year in the new school – with some time to adjust to it before it even starts.

Another reason why you might pick to move during summer is because this is a great time to sell your house. Remember all those people moving during these months? Well, they need to move somewhere. In the United States, most houses are sold during this time. What this means is that it will be easier for you to sell your home, but also you can negotiate a higher price for it than you would during winter months. Finally, summer days last longer, so you will have more time to move your stuff.

A sunshade umbrella.
Remember to stay in shade in summer.

Where it comes to disadvantages, we already mentioned some of them. The peak moving season is between Memorial Day and Labor Day. It is between these holidays that moves are more expensive and take more time. You will also need to fight the weather, so better prepare a lot of water.

Is fall the best season for moving?

When fall finally comes, you are ready to say goodbye to those scorching hot days and enjoy some time in the shade. If you hate the warm weather, then this is the best season for moving for you. First, you will know exactly how to pack your clothes for the moving day, since the weather in fall is fairly decent. Another great advantage to moving in fall is that you will be in your new home for holidays. By the time the new year arrives, you will have already settled in and you will be ready to really start fresh.

Another reason why you might consider a fall move is the housing market. After the peak season, many sellers who did not earn a profit will be anxious to sell. You can use this as an advantage to score a great home for a lower price than usual.

Yellow leaves falling down.
The fall might be the most beautiful season.

The disadvantages of moving during fall are similar to those in spring. The biggest drawback might be the start of the new school year for your children. However, this might be an easier time for them to move than the spring, since it will be a start of the school year – so everyone will be looking for new friends. However, what might put you off from moving in the fall is the time frame in which you need to do it. Because of the holidays, moving companies might have some lower work hours. Because of this, moving over the weekend might not be available for you during the season.

Is winter the best season for moving?

Finally, you can consider moving during winter. First, this season might be the cheapest for moving. If you are looking to manage your budget, this is probably the best time for you. There is less work for the moving companies, so not only can you get some sort of discount, but you can also arrange for the perfect moving schedule for yourself.

A pine branch covered in snow - not an indicator for the best season for moving
Winter has its own magic.

However, the biggest drawback to moving in winter is obvious. The weather can be treacherous. It can get really slippery, so moving heavy objects from your home to the truck can be hard. Not only that but driving a moving truck over slippery roads can be a nightmare. Finally, you might need to waterproof your boxes so your items don’t get damaged. Because of this, winter might be the best season for moving when looking to save money, but might be worst at actually pulling the move off.

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