Packing guide for college students moving to New Jersey

Are you a soon-to-be freshman at one of sixty colleges in New Jersey? Then it’s time you start thinking about your relocation before summer draws to a close. Unless, of course, you want to do it at the last minute and forget half of the stuff you didn’t even know you’ll need. For that purpose, here’s a packing guide to help you get your head around the whole process – read on!

Start on time

Hopefully, you aren’t reading this packing guide a day before the move – start planning on time! Summer is peak season for moving companies, so it’s best to book as soon as possible so that you arrive at the desired date. Before you go on to hire the best new movers in NJ, you need to know the scope of your relocation.

Moving is already expensive enough, so try to find free boxes instead of buying new ones. Calculate the cost of NJ moving services so you know how much money to keep aside. By doing all of this ahead of time, the end of your summer will be much more enjoyable and hustle-free. Save your nerves for college!

calculator, pen and paper
Inform yourself about the moving costs on time so there are no unpleasant surprises the day before

Make a list

Create your own inventory list and then revise the items to see what you need to bring to New Jersey. Separate items according to rooms for a more organized approach to the packing process. This will prove to be useful when it’s time to unpack – items will be properly categorized and not haphazardly thrown into boxes. Have a separate list for items that you need to buy, such as dorm must-haves.

What NOT to pack?

What’s a packing guide without a pre-move purge? Decluttering is essential if you don’t want your dorm crammed with your childhood memories or unnecessary stuff. Here’s a short list of things you should definitely leave at home:

  • out-of-season clothes
  • leisure books
  • hazardous items
  • too many bowls, plates or silverware – two is just enough
  • any of the appliances your campus already has

Label the boxes

box with a label 'fragile'
Label your boxes before movers load them onto the truck, you’ll make the unpacking process easier for yourself

While you’re packing, think of the end of the journey – unpacking. We suggest you use your inventory list and pack boxes systematically. This basically means that you’ll mark the boxes by writing the label on each side so that it’s clearly visible. Other than yourself, you’ll also be helping your movers who will be extra careful with the boxes marked ‘Fragile’ or “Appliances’. If you have a lot of fragile stuff or if you are moving large items such as a piano, companies such as Bluebell Relocation Services NJ | Northern NJ Movers have the knowledge and the equipment to do it. 

Include a list of items in every box and make things even easier for yourself – unpack like a pro!

Last but not least, what’s a packing guide without an essentials box? This is a special box where you’ll set aside all the necessary things to get by for the first night. Include pajamas, towels and basic care products. Your unpacking can wait until the day after, you have people to meet.


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