Organizing your new home: what comes after the move

If you have been paying close attention to our blog you already know very well what to do when it comes to moving. You know how to organize your move and you are very well aware that  you can save money when hiring movers using a few simple tricks. It’s all about the move! But what comes after the move? Chances are you haven’t even thought of that. But, don’t worry we know exactly how you should organize your new home so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

We aren’t even going to check if you have previously labeled your boxes and if you have instructed the movers to leave everything in the destined rooms, because we are sure all that has been taken care of a long time ago. Now we are in your new home, which is a big change. Don’t try to minimize it by trying to keep the things exactly as they were because it will cause you more harm than good. You have moved and you are starting a new chapter in your life. Let it actually be a new chapter and organize your new home in such a way that you really see the difference. This will make the transition easier and the new beginning will be just that.

Another great way to organize your new home is to plan in advance where everything will be. Once you the big furniture out of the way, the boxes will be a piece of cake. If you combine planning the furniture arrangement with color coding the boxes you will eliminate two of the biggest problems that drive people crazy and you will have a much more relaxing home even before you even move into it.

When it comes to priorities, everyone has their own, but there is somewhat a universal list of the order in which each room should be unpacked:

  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Studio & Library
  • Storage
  • Basement and attic
  1. When it comes to unpacking, the bathroom kind of unpacks itself

It doesn’t matter if your move takes an hour or a week, you will need to use the bathroom. This probably means you will wound with a couple of bags and boxes already opened because you are going to need brushes, towels, soaps, shampoos etc. In order to avoid searching in ton of bags if someone needs to grab a quick shower, organize your new home in such a way that the bathroom is unpacked first. This shouldn’t be so difficult considering that this room usually has the least amount of stuff and is quite easy to unpack. Don’t waste too much time decorating it, because that doesn’t carry any emotional weight and you can dedicate your time to it later in the game.

  1. Number two on the list of priorities – the bedroom

Perhaps it doesn’t seem like such an important room, but this is the only place you can have peace and quiet and that is exactly what you will need after the move. That is why, in order to be able to enjoy your first days in your new home you should unpack this room with high priority. It is important to mention that not everything needs to be unpacked at once but some necessities such as bedsheets should indeed have priority. Make sure also that you have put up curtains so the sun wouldn’t bother you because it is no secret that you won’t be getting much sleep.

  1. The place of great importance – the kitchen

Usually, the kitchen should be even higher on the list of priorities, but these days you can order such quality food to go that you probably won’t be doing a lot of cooking during the first couple of days. Nevertheless, that shouldn’t go on for two long because having something smelling nice in the kitchen is the best sign that you are home. That is why, when it comes to organizing your new home, kitchen should be high on the list of your priorities. As soon as you unpack everything make a simple homemade meal, so that your family can gather around the table and enjoy simple things. After the move, this just might be what everyone needs.

  1. Living room, as the center of everybody’s attention

It comes as a no surprise that most of the family affairs happen precisely in this room. That is why organizing and decorating living room is very important in your new home. More than any other room, this one should be significantly different than the living room in your old home. This is the best way for everyone to get accustomed to their new life and the change they have went through. That is why you should take your time when it comes to decorating this room, so that it would come naturally, and it wouldn’t be forced. That is the best way for both you and your family to embrace the change and you can find some interesting ideas  here.

When it comes to the rest of the house, they don’t really represent a priority and you can organize them in a way and in order that suits you best. The most important thing when it comes to organizing your new home is to give it a personal touch so that your move will slowly transition into a stressful and exhausting task into a new and exciting adventure. Take some time to enjoy in the fact that you are living in your new home and that you can organize it the way you feel is the best. Don’t take these task so seriously because the heavy lifting is already done, now the only thing left is to go box by box and fill your new home with care and love.


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