Organizing your Florida move 101

Organizing your Florida move can be a stressful endeavor. It is a new and exiting process that is full of unknowns and uncertainty. Moreover, it requires you to get to know about the state and the city you are moving to, to get used to the neighborhood and your new home. But your move can be a joyful experience. The key to making it pleasant is to be well organized. So, what are the basics and how should you go about organizing your Florida move?


Florida has been a popular living location lately for a growing number of people. Many people move there for work and job opportunities. Also, there are those who choose Florida as a popular retirement destination. White sand beaches, crystal clear ocean, nature, and entertainment opportunities are a magnet. So, if you are considering moving to Florida you should definitely start organizing your Florida move as soon as possible. Analyze your moving options and hire professionals like Vision Movers FL to help you move. Here is a shortlist of some of the things to make your move to Florida easy and smooth.

A beach in Florida.
Florida is a very popular moving destination people choose for various reasons.

Preparing and organizing your Florida move

There is no precise blueprint to moving but there are certain steps that you should go through. One of the most important is to make a moving plan in advance and follow it. A plan will help you in the execution of your move and help you keep track of everything and be organized. Another important aspect of your move is to research and hire a reputable moving company. Moving professionals can help a lot with your moving process. In addition, be sure to:

  • Make a time frame
  • Organize your belongings and shed weight
  • Pack
  • Avoid moving season.

Make a time frame

Preparing your time frame is important. You should plan your steps and be aware of just how long each one will take. This will help you keep track of the progress and make it certain that you will not miss a step.

Organize your belongings

You should be aware that you will have to shed some weight for your move. The problem is that we tend to gather a lot of stuff that we really don’t need. During your move, the number of your belongings can seem overwhelming so you should see weight. To do that, you should organize your belongings first. Separate your stuff and be sure to decide on the stuff you don’t need. These are the things that you don’t use often or that you haven’t used in a year. Chances are that you don’t need those stuff so separate them and organize in piles to donate, give away, sell or simply throw out. This will decrease the amount of stuff you have to pack and move.


Packing can be a tiring process but it is necessary. To pack efficiently you should develop a labeling system that will help you handle your belongings easily. Separating your stuff, labeling it and even separating by box size will also help your movers. The good packing organization can help Pembroke Pines professionals transport your goods easily, efficiently with the most efficient use of transport space.

To pack you should gather sufficient packing supplies but you can also improvise by using garbage bags, suitcases or even moving dressers as they stand to save money and time.

Labeled cardboard boxes.
Do not forget to label your boxes properly.

Avoid moving season

You should take care to avoid the moving season. Usually, people move at the beginning and the end of the month. These dates are too hectic and make the mover swamped with moving requests. If you plan your move in the middle of the month you will make your move easier. First, you will find a moving company that is available more easily. You will not have to rush your move and the movers will probably give you a discount for avoiding their peak part of the month.

So a move to Florida can be easy, smooth and stress-free. The key is in the preparation and professional help. Wherever you decide to move in Florida make sure you research, analyze and prepare for the move well in advance.

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