How to organize your Pittsburgh relocation?

If you are thinking about moving to Pittsburgh, you will not be disappointed. There is beautiful scenery in the surrounding area where you can enjoy it. Also, numerous examples of historic architecture are there for your cultural fulfillment. And, it is a city famous for its remarkable sports teams. However, before you can enjoy all of that, there is one serious task ahead of you. You need to organize your Pittsburgh relocation first, and like any other, it’s no small or easy task to complete.

Organize your Pittsburgh relocation yourself or leave it to professionals

The easiest solution to this dilemma would be to hire a professional moving company. However, you need to be careful about that if you want to save money on your Pittsburgh move. Not every company is valid, and not everyone provides all the services you might need. On the other side, if you do find the appropriate company, you can still save additional money by packing your items yourself. Do a little research on the internet and start calling and checking conditions. With enough luck, you will find a reputable company with enough experience and affordable moving quotes. If not, then maybe you should check some alternative ways of transporting your possessions.

Picking the right neighborhood

There are over 50 neighborhoods in Pittsburgh so it probably won’t be hard to find the one that suits you the most. Depending on your budget, plans, and living cost estimates you can quickly pick a couple of interesting and unique areas. Why? Because Pittsburgh is on the list of most affordable cities with its housing prices almost 10 percent below the national average. Some of the most interesting and affordable neighborhoods you can pick are:

  • Uptown
  • Golden Triangle
  • West End: Mount Washington
  • West End: Elliott
  • East End: Squirrel Hill, Shadyside, and Lawrenceville

You will need a car in Pittsburgh

Nothing much to complain about, but Pittsburgh’s public transportation is not its strongest point. In fact, you will find that soon enough, because even if you have a car, you will probably have to wait a week or two before you get your Pennsylvania license. For new buyers, well, get your license first because without it you won’t be able to do the car purchase. It’s a small hustle but it’s worth it.

Pittsburgh International Airport

Pittsburgh International Airport is a light point in the previous talk about public transportation. First, because it offers all the benefits of large airports for its service and major lines. Second, because it is fully accessible, with incredible layout and amenities.

Getting Around Pittsburgh

Getting around Pittsburgh can be hard at first so be ready for that. It’s a large city with rivers, bridges, and a couple of interstates, so for someone new, it’s pretty easy to lose. However, if you do a little planning and take time to get to know its public transportation system, you shouldn’t have much trouble.

A river in Pittsburgh with bridges.
There are many ways to get around Pittsburgh.


Start preparing for Pittsburgh

Now that you are familiar with your destination, it is time to do some serious preparation. Start by planning and organizing your packing. But, give yourself enough time because you don’t want to do everything at the last moment. It will give you enough headaches anyway, so why making it worse. In general, you want to write everything down. All your cost calculations, item lists, receipts, dates, and schedules should be on paper. You will already have enough trouble dealing with organizing your records, so you don’t need an additional burden.

How to organize your Pittsburgh relocation if you have kids

Moving can be quite hard, especially if you have small kids. Don’t forget to talk to them. They too need additional time to prepare and to adjust to a new situation.  Check about their medical and school records and arrange the document transfer to a new location of choice. Also, include your kids in planning, ask them for opinion, and keep them busy with packing some light items like toys. In fact, you can make the whole packing experience like a game.

Toddler playing on the floor with a small drum set.
Toddlers are more resilient to moving than we think.


Deal with services and utilities while you organize your Pittsburgh relocation

About a month prior to moving you should organize canceling of particular services so you don’t end up paying for two households. Your cable TV, internet and similar services should be off before moving to Pittsburgh. Change your address and contact info and make sure to tell new information to your family and friends.

Prepare for packing and get packing supplies

After you have the list of items you possess, decide what you need to move to Pittsburgh with you. Take only necessary things and get rid of other stuff. You can donate, recycle, or give away your extra stuff. Furthermore, if you have the means, you could organize a garage sale and cover some of the moving costs with earnings. If you have a car or boat, consider hiring a storage unit as well.

Packing supplies you will need:

  • Boxes
  • Various tapes
  • Wrappings
  • Packing papers
  • Packing fillers
  • Ropes
  • Scissors, etc.

Pack all your items

This is a situation where you have two options. Usually, people chose to pack themselves to save some extra money. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough time, or not in a position, you can hire professional packers. It will cost you some money but you can be sure you are in good hands. Also, you won’t have to think or worry about anything. This is especially important if you have large instruments or artwork. Don’t try to deal with such valuables yourself because you risk to damage or break things.

Measure everything

Check the dimensions of your doors, stairs, halls, and angles or sharp turns. You want to be sure everything will make it through so you don’t need to repack some of your large boxes. If you have large furniture, try to remove any removable parts and pack them separately. Prepare sliders and covering blankets to protect the floors and doors from damage. Get any obstacles out of your way and prepare the last thing: your bag of essentials for the first few days in Pittsburgh. And, don’t forget to clean your house after.

Circular stairs with some sharp angles.
Some stairs can be really difficult to maneuver.


Knowing how to organize your Pittsburgh relocation is an important thing if you want to save yourself from problems. Therefore, double-check everything to make sure everything is in order and you are not forgetting anything. In the end, oversee the loading process, pack your family and get on the trip.

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