Opening your offices in New York – a sneak peek at NYC corporate lifestyle

No matter if you’re a domestic company looking to expand its business on the East Coast or an international company that wants to grow in the US, opening your offices in New York certainly can bring you lots of benefits.

Not only the city is an important international business center, but it also has substantial economic power. NYC is the place where culture, art, tourism, retail, and entertainment are all shaped. That’s exactly why it’s often referred to as the global capital of the world. So, you can expect that life in Manhattan is never exactly boring.

Every company that even thinks about conquering the world simply has to have an office space here. This guide is here to explain to you the most important steps required for opening your first office in NYC. We’ll also give you some expert insights and advice that we recommend you to stick to.

The biggest industries in NYC

Although you can strike gold and achieve immense success opening any business in such a major city as New York is, there are some industries that have a more prominent impact on the local economy. These make the city an extremely attractive hub for businesses that operate within those sectors. 

Some of the leading local industries are financial services, media, communications, technology, fashion, and healthcare. That being said, it’s important to mention that anything associated with tourism or business services can also be very profitable as well

The city is full of creative and innovative solutions. Therefore, there’s always enough room for companies that want to break the mold. You’ll always be welcomed if you want to bring something new and never before seen.

So, no matter what your industry is, you’re going to be able to find an office space that suits your needs. Even if you’re moving long-distance it can be more than worth it. New York is a great place to start your growth. Therefore, if you are ready for the final step find a good company to help you move and get on it.

Man reading Business newspapers.
No matter what your business is all about, if you’re planning on opening your offices in New York you’ll be able to find a space that suits you.

Legal matters

If you want to have the smoothest transition possible, make sure to get some legal assistance also. There’s a lot to think about when moving offices. Remodeling, hiring, establishing the office culture, and so on. Having an expert on your side will only make the process quicker.

If your company is located outside the NY state, you’ll have to go through a foreign qualification process. It usually takes up to a month to complete and the things you’ll have to do are:

  • Filling an Application for Authority form that you do with the New York State Department of State
  • Submitting a certificate of good standing from your company’s home state. It has to be from within the last year.
  • Appointing a registered agent in the State of New York

Now, it’s important for you to understand that NYC is not a cheap city to be in. Therefore, all these legal things you need to take care of will cost you a bit more than the cost of hiring movers is. However, it all can pay off in the end if you know what you’re doing. 

Emphasize local, then national

If you’re a company that comes overseas, or even from a different state, it’s important for you to become popular in the new location as soon as possible. To achieve this you need to localize your value proposition. Learn how you stack up in the competitive landscape of the Big Apple.

If you have any notable clients here make sure to mention them in the campaign that you run before opening your offices in New York. The range and prestige of work that employees will be exposed to is a very important thing for job seekers. This will build your reputation and increase your visibility in the niche. 

When you’re done with establishing the local connection, highlight your national or global reach. Talk about your growth and brands you cooperate with. This is what will help to seal the deal.

Manhattan street in sunset.
To become popular and relevant in New York make sure to mention all the local companies and brands you cooperate with.

Opening your offices in New York – Office space location

With many businesses, location is everything. It’s often the key to success, but you shouldn’t take that for granted. Make sure to consider all aspects of your potential new office spots and choose the one that will work the best for you.

In New York, square footage is always a problem, so it’s okay to leave a thing or two in a corporate storage unit if your new space isn’t big enough. However, you need to be certain that you’re getting more than you’re losing

The most important things are that your customers can find you easily and that your employees have a good commute time to work. Also, think about the amenities you need to have close to your offices. Do you need to be close to the airport? Do you need to use shipping services often? Just remember that office is much more than just a cool space in a nice area.

Make sure it’s a great experience 

Visiting your offices should always be a nice experience for your customers. If you had to handle an unexpected office relocation in NYC more than once, you probably already have a system of how you set everything up. However, if it’s your first time coming here there are a few things to take care of.

Pay attention to everything from the colors of your entryway to who and how greets the people that walk in. Set a scene to introduce your company in the best way imaginable.

Besides making a good first impression, your space has to be comfortable too. Although you shouldn’t forget about the functionality you can’t forget about comfort either. So, make sure that both your employees and customers always feel nice and warm in your new work quarters. 

People sitting in the office talking about opening your offices in New York.
Simply being in your office should be a nice experience for both your employees and customers.


Opening your offices in New York is not going to be easy. And by now, you probably figured out that on your own. However, if you plan everything as you should, hire professionals to help you with difficult tasks like moving and setting the legal things are, you shouldn’t have any problems. Believe in yourself, leave nothing to chance and you’ll make it in no time.

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