Ohio places popular among veterans and military workers

Living in a nice place is very important, no matter the age you are at. Students search for the best city to study in and have a lot of fun while doing so, young parents are always on the lookout for a perfect family town to move to, and the elderly are trying to find the best place to call home when they retire. A safe, quiet, place with plenty of senior-friendly activities. As they are searching for such towns, most of them end up moving to Ohio. Ohio is a state with plenty of cities that are perfect for retirees, especially veterans. A lot of military workers move to Ohio. There are plenty of reasons. It is an affordable state with a lot to offer. This is why we have decided to tell you a little bit more about it. Here is where you can read about some Ohio places popular among veterans and military workers and just why moving there is a good idea.

Have in mind that no matter your age, you will find a place in Ohio where you could move and live a happy life either alone or with your family. So, if moving somewhere was your plan for the future, here are Ohio places popular among veterans and military workers that you should consider.


The first city to find itself on our list of Ohio places popular among veterans and military workers is Galloway. This is rather a village than a city. And you can probably already tell why it is popular among veterans. It is very small and quiet. Not a lot is going on here. There are just a couple of thousands of residents, most of whom are actually elderly people who moved here to spend their retirement in peace and quiet. This is why there are plenty of moving companies offering different types of moving services.

Ohio places popular among veterans.
Galloway is a very lovely village.

This village is located on the outskirts of Columbus. it isn’t really close to it but it isn’t far either which means that you can always drive to Columbus if you need anything you are not able to find in Galloway. But Galloway is very charming. There are a couple of locally-owned shops and restaurants where you will meet the locals. The homes here are great and affordable as well. Very spacious with nice yards. But you can always rent additional space for your belongings if you do not have enough storage space in your new Galloway home.


If you are not someone who wants to live in the rural part of Ohio, this area has lots of amazing suburbs. One of the best suburbs of Columbus is Groveport. It is located south of Columbus. It is not a small suburb. There are plenty of things to do here. Especially if you are a military worker or a veteran. There is a military museum here. An aquatic center can also be found in Groveport. Just this alone shows you that there are plenty of things you can do here. And if your grandchildren come to visit, they will be able to do fun things as well.

Military museum.
There is a military museum in Groveport which is a great place to take your family to when you have the time.

When moving to Groveport, you can look for specialized assistance if you are not capable of handling certain parts of moving yourself. There are moving companies with special discounts and deals for veterans and military workers. These are surely companies to consider hiring as they also have different types of moving services.

Groveport is a place you will love. A lot of families from Columbus are relocating here as well as there are some great high schools here. Groveport has plenty of parks where you could go to and spend your free time. The best thing about Groveport is that it is located close to an airport. This means that traveling is made easy. You can go wherever you need to very easily as you have an airport nearby.


The last one of a couple of Ohio places popular among veterans and military workers is Sunbury. It is located north of Columbus. Sunbury is a small village, just like Galloway. But another amazing village where moving to is a great idea. Here you have even more things to do than you do in Galloway as it is a tad bigger. Zippy Shell Columbus can help out with the relocation, no matter where you are moving to Sunbury from.

Ohio suburb.
Ohio’s suburbs are nice and safe. Perfect for military workers.

This is another very safe and peaceful town. This is why it is perfect for veterans. Not a lot of them are capable of handling the noises of the city. This is why Sunbury is the perfect place to move to. There are just around 7,000 people living here.

As it is a suburb, there is no public transportation. Since the town is very small, not a lot of people use cars since you do not really need one. Everything you need is within walking distance. This is perfect for the elderly, especially those less capable of doing certain things. There is a golf course in the town as well. This is where most elders from the town spend their days.

There are plenty of places where senior-friendly activities are organized. For example, jazz music concerts, art exhibitions, plays, and so much more. As this is one of the best US cities for young couples, there are plenty of people with children moving to Sunbury. But if you move to a neighborhood further away from the schools, you will not have to worry about loud noises. There are a couple of great neighborhoods in Sunbury to consider moving to which is why you should consider moving here.

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