NYC neighborhoods, which one is the best fit for you?

New York is a big city that has something for everyone. And moving to any part of New York was never a bad idea. But given the fact that you can choose where you are going to live in New York, you might want to know which of the NYC neighborhoods is the best fit for you. Some neighborhoods are better for single people, others are better for people with small children. There are even neighborhoods that are suitable for retirees. No matter who you are and what you like doing, you can find a neighborhood in New York that is going to have everything to fulfill your needs.

The Financial District or the FiDi in Manhattan

One of the best places for young professionals to move to is the Financial District in Manhattan. This is a place for those who love working and being inspired by things around them. Financial District is a neighborhood where most businessmen of the city live in. Not because it is expensive and luxurious but because it is located close to the business center of New York. This way going to work doesn’t last long. Plus, you will be surrounded by all the things you need. There are a shopping center and transportation hub nearby. The adorable Fulton Street near the South Street Seaport is just a few minutes away too. If you haven’t heard about Fulton Street, you will now. This is where you will find plenty of bars, restaurants, and stores. There is also a movie theatre there which you can’t miss.

At night, this neighborhood is quiet, which gives you plenty of time to rest for another day at work. There are plenty of reasons why living in FiDi is a great idea. Just one of them is the fact that this neighborhood is home to some of the most gorgeous buildings in the world. This means you will always be surrounded by amazing architecture. Everything in this neighborhood is luxurious and lavish and living there will allow you to taste the true New York lifestyle. We also have some tips for NYC newcomers and we think you should definitely check them out if you are planning to move to FiDi.

Manhattan skyline.
Manhattan is amazing for young professionals, especially the Financial District.

Astoria in Queens

Many people dislike Queens but Astoria is one of the oldest NYC neighborhoods. Astoria has always been full of true New York culture and it’s only getting better now. This is where those beautiful small homes that you see in TV shows are located. Here is where you will find the best souvlaki in New York as this is where plenty of Greeks live. In Astoria, you will also be able to find amazing bars and clubs. Astoria is the perfect neighborhood for those who are on a tight budget yet they want to get a taste of that old school New York lifestyle. In Astoria, the rent prices are pretty reasonable and you will have a much easier time finding an apartment that suits you. is where you can find a moving company that can help you move to Astoria easily as soon as possible.

This neighborhood is very laid-back. Most importantly, it is very multicultural. This is something that is present throughout the whole New York but Astoria is one of NYC neighborhoods that has residents from all over the world because it is cheaper. Another great thing is that you have trains close-by. As this neighborhood is located near the water, you will find plenty of places where you can relax and free your mind in peace. You will have an amazing view as the Upper East Side is located right across the East River. So prepare for your relocation if this is what you are looking for.

A home in Queens.
Queens is the place where you will find the prettiest little homes.

DUMBO in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is one of the most exciting boroughs in NYC for plenty of reasons. And living in DUMBO will allow you to experience all of these reasons. DUMBO is short for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. This is a waterfront community that borders Brooklyn Heights and Vinegar Hill. This is a neighborhood for those who love enjoying the finer things in life.  The average home sale price in DUMBO is $1,629,000. Thus, this is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

But if you want to move to DUMBO, there are ways you can save up some money on moving because if in Brooklyn, renting a truck shouldn’t be a problem. Renting a truck will save you a lot of money when moving. But once you move, you won’t be able to stop spending your money in beautiful restaurants and shops that you are going to find here. But this neighborhood is pretty safe and clean so living here with children is not a bad idea at all. Empire Fulton Ferry Park and Main Street Park are where you and your family can enjoy the sunny days and look at the amazing view across the East River. This is also a perfect neighborhood for those working in Manhattan as the Manhattan Bridge goes right through the neighborhood.

A view of the Brooklyn Bridge between two buildings.
A perfect neighborhood for those working in Manhattan.

Other NYC neighborhoods to move to

Sadly we can’t talk about all the good neighborhoods in New York in detail. But what we can do is let you know which ones are good and from there you can try to do your own research. So, here are some more NYC neighborhoods that you might love:

  • Long Island City
  • Chelsea
  • Williamsburg
  • Bushwick
  • West Village.

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