Why you need an essentials bag when moving and what to pack in it

Moving is a long and complex process, no matter where you are moving to. When it comes to packing, you probably heard about the essential bag, but what is it and how is it helpful? What to pack in it and when? There are many questing, but luckily we have answers to them. In the text below, you will learn everything about how to essentials bag when moving and what to put inside.

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Learn everything about packing essential box before you relocate

What is an essential moving box/bag?

An essential moving bag will help you by providing you all the necessary items. You will need meals, clothing, toiletries, etc. on the first day of moving and a couple of days after moving too. Simply, it is a box you will open first. Just think about all those things you are using every single day. If you are moving for the first time, it may sound complicated, but this box will save your day.

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Learn what is essential bag and how it may help you when relocating

When to pack your essential moving bag?

Since you will pack items you are using often or even every day, you should start with packing this box a few days before moving, or one day before. Leave this part of packing for the end. Just make a moving checklist, and you will not forget this very important and helpful bag. When you are done with pacing furniture, clothing, decorations…it is time to pack essential bags.

How and what to pack an essentials bag when moving?

No matter if you need to prepare for moving abroad or you are moving locally, in both cases, you should pack essentials bag when moving. Now, when you know what essentials bag are and when to pack them, the next step is to learn what to pack in it. Just imagine your first night and the first morning in a new home.

First, declutter your home before moving and use professional services to remove unwanted junk. Then pack items you will not use before moving (items in the basement and garage). Then pack the furniture, kitchen appliances, clothing..and for the end, leave essential boxes. And here is what you should pack. Follow this simple guide and have a stress-free move.

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Why this box is so important? There are lots of reasons why

Kitchen essentials

One of the first room in your new home you will set up, is the kitchen. Pack in your essentials bag when moving all the necessary kitchen items. Plates, forks, knives, cups, one pan, towels, coffee maker, etc. Everything you need to make a quick dinner and breakfast. If you are moving a family, you will need more kitchen supplies, of course.

Bedroom essentials

The first night in your new dream home must be perfect. After a long day, you will be exhausting, so you need to get some sleep. Pack clean blankets, linens, and pillows for the entire family. You need to be rested because you will have a lot of work a day after moving day.

Bathroom essentials

Also, another room you will need to set right after you enter the house. A bathroom. If you have more than one, it will be enough for the first night just to unpack one. Pack soap, shampoo, clean towels, blow dryer (if you are using it every day), shower gel, makeup, toilet paper, hair conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, and shower curtain.

Cleaning supplies

Before you unpack the furniture, decoration, clothing…you should clean the entire house or apartment. It is much easier to clean it when it is empty. Pack unopened cleaning supplies you have already used before. Pack all cleaning supplies, for kitchen, bathroom, floors, windows, and wood. If you were moving in a hurry, then you probably did not have time to clean items before packing, so clean it now.

Personal care and medication

Pack all hygiene supplies you are using every day. Also, if you have a job interview after moving, pack hair product too and makeup. Besides that, you should pack the first-aid kit and medication if you have some therapy. Because of the stress, you can get sick, so just in case pack vitamins to keep your immune system strong.

Clothing and shoes

Pack clothing for a few days. Clothing and shoes should be comfortable because you will have to clean, unpack, and decorate. An essentials bag when moving should have a couple of t-shirts, underwear, sneakers, sweatsuits, pajamas…It is hard to unpack all boxes just to find one pants.

Food and drinks

Pack only non-perishable food. Moving companies will not transport fresh meat, veggies, and fruits. Food in cans, snacks, a lot of water, pasta, etc. If you have a toddler you need to prepare food in advance. You can order food for dinner, but breakfast is something you can prepare in your own and new kitchen.

Essential bag for kids

Moving with kids may be very stressful you and them too. To keep them calm during traveling to a new home, pack in an essential bag a favorite toy, one new toy to make them interested, clothing, diapers, water, baby food, a favorite book to read before sleeping, and all other things that make your child calm and happy.

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Moving with kids is hard, and their essential box will be your lifesaver

Essential bag for a pet(s)

If you have a pet or pets (cat or/and dog), you should pack items for them too in essentials bag when moving. Your best friends can feel depressed and sad, they can also feel something is going on, so pay attention. Pack food, toys, a blanket to sleep on, and an award (usually a favorite treat work) for good behavior.

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